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Managing Business Transactions
Free Press

Managing Business Transactions

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Managing Business Transactions
Author(s): Paul H. Rubin

Managing Business Transactions is the first book on the principles of a new managerial economics, based on transaction cost economics.

The transaction, the basic unit of business has been studied by theoretical economists for decades. Rubin has translated their research into basic principles for managers at all levels to structure transactions to best achieve both individual and company goals. Rubin analyzes and offers strategies for transactions of all kinds.

from the Foreword by Oliver E. Williamson Transamerica Professor of Business, Economics, and Law University of California, Berkeley, Author of The Economic Institutions of Capitalism This is the first book on the new economics of organization that is accessible and meaningful to an audience of non-specialists. That is a very considerable achievement. New ways of thinking about organization and the public policy ramifications that accrue thereto leave readers with a deeper and broader understanding of what modern business enterprise is all about.
Benjamin Klein Professor of Economics, University of California, Los Angeles Paul Rubin has done a superb job in making the principles of transaction cost economics accessible to a broad audience.
George J. Benston John H. Harland Professor of Finance, Emory University In this clear and insightful book, Paul Rubin develops and presents a very useful approach to business decision making. It should be studied and applied by business students and practitioners.
Henry N. Butler Professor and Director, Law and Economics Center George Mason University This much needed book fills a void in the law and economics literature. Paul Rubin clearly describes theoretical concepts so that they can be used in practical applications by attorneys and businessmen.
Steven Shavell Professor in Law & Economics, Harvard Law School Paul Rubin's Managing Business Transactions makes accessible the new and important subject of "transactions cost economics." It will be a successful book.

ISBN:  9780029275962