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Surviving an Eating Disorder, Third Edition : Strategies for Family and Friends
Harper Perennial

Surviving an Eating Disorder, Third Edition : Strategies for Family and Friends

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Surviving an Eating Disorder, Third Edition
Author(s): Michele Siegel, Judith Brisman, PhD, Margot Weinshel

Thoroughly revised and updated with the latest research and methodologies, the fourth edition of the classic guide written specifically for parents, friends, and caregivers of individuals with eating disorders.

For more than thirty years, this classic guide has been an essential resource for the “silent sufferers”—those affected by a loved one’s eating disorder. This revised edition put family and friends at the center of the treatment process, providing the latest information on the methods and practices available to facilitate the recovery process.

Surviving an Eating Disorder is the first book for family and friends to use a psychological perspective to understand eating disorders. Other treatment manuals or self-help books propose change but Surviving is the first to consider why change can be so hard for everyone involved. The factors that can hinder progress are discussed and the methods that can work are emphasized. Illustrated with case examples, this fourth edition explains the latest treatments and provides the necessary tools to carefully evaluate what can be most effective for each reader’s individual care. The authors offer concrete advice and support, urging readers to care for both themselves and their relationships as they support their loved ones struggling with food and eating issues.

With its combination of information, insight, and practical strategies, Surviving an Eating Disorder considers crisis as opportunity—a time for the possibility of hope and change for everyone involved.

“Clear, wise, and eminently useful advice. This book offers solid and specific guidelines for understanding and change.”
“Deftly written, richly textured . . . Surviving an Eating Disorder is a wide-ranging and balanced book that offers a coherent guide for families and loved ones.”
Surviving is richly respectful of patients and of their loved ones and is truly responsive to real-life situations and conflicts. It’s a wonderful resource that I highly recommend!”
“Filled with years of wisdom and hands-on experience, Surviving gives concrete and thoughtful advice to you and your loved one when facing the inevitable challenges of an eating disorder. Keep this important book at your side for specific guidance and care to allow for the best possibility of change—both with the eating disorder and your relationship with the person you love.”
“A significant and important update to a comprehensive gold standard book—bravo!”
“Well-organized and extensive . . . reasonable and practical suggestions provide numerous insights into helpful changes which can be tried by parents, spouses, friends, and even the identified patient.”
“With clarity and compassion, Surviving an Eating Disorder provides much-needed advice for anyone with a loved one who’s struggling with food and weight. I highly recommend it.”
“The best answers to the hardest questions about eating disorders are found in this great book.”

ISBN:  9780061698958