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The Cookbook Club : A Novel of Food and Friendship
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The Cookbook Club : A Novel of Food and Friendship

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The Cookbook Club
Author(s): Beth Harbison

New York Times bestselling author Beth Harbison whips together a witty and charming--and delicious--story about the secrets we keep, the friends we make, and the food we cook.

MUST LOVE BUTTER: The Cookbook Club is now open to members. Foodies come join us! No diets! No skipping dessert!

Margo Everson sees the call out for the cookbook club and knows she’s found her people. Recently dumped by her self-absorbed husband, who frankly isn’t much of a loss, she has little to show for her marriage but his ‘parting gift’—a dilapidated old farm house—and a collection of well-loved cookbooks

Aja Alexander just hopes her new-found friends won’t notice that that every time she looks at food, she gets queasy. It’s hard hiding a pregnancy, especially one she can’t bring herself to share with her wealthy boyfriend and his snooty mother. 

Trista Walker left the cutthroat world of the law behind and decided her fate was to open a restaurant…not the most secure choice ever. But there she could she indulge her passion for creating delectable meals and make money at the same time.

The women bond immediately, but it’s not all popovers with melted brie and blackberry jam.  Margo’s farm house is about to fall down around her ears; Trista’s restaurant needs a makeover and rat-removal fast; and as for Aja, just how long can you hide a baby bump anyway?

In this delightful novel, these women form bonds that go beyond a love grilled garlic and soy sauce shrimp. Because what is more important in life than friendship…and food?

"Heartwarming and fun, The Cookbook Club celebrates food and female friendship with a side of sweet romance that affirms the simple joy of being with people you care about. This is the book I didn’t know I needed.”
"A delectable novel..."
"Harbison (Every Time You Go Away, 2018) charts the group's highs and lows with kindness, warmth, and humor, channeling Mary Simses, Samantha Ve´rant, and Roselle Lim. A warm, nourishing read."
"Harbison’s latest (after Every Time You Go Away) makes for a story as inviting as the titular club. Blending women’s with culinary fiction it is sure to please the author’s many fans, as well as readers of Darien Gee and Barbara O’Neal."
“Filled with heartfelt charm and delicious cooking details… A sweet tale about the true power of great friends and great food.”
“Harbison dazzles in her latest…Absolutely first-rate.”
…Sure to appeal to fans of Jennifer Weiner, Jane Green, and Emily Giffin. It’s a tasty dish of light, escapist reading.”
“As slick and enjoyable as a brand-new tube of lip gloss.”
“Enough heart…for beach readers and foot fetishists alike!”
“I would happily recommend Shoe Addicts Anonymous to anyone who loves shoes…or smart, funny, realistic women enjoying each other’s friendship and the happiest of happy endings.” 

ISBN:  9780062958624