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War for Eternity : Inside Bannon's Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers
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War for Eternity : Inside Bannon's Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers

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War for Eternity
Author(s): Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

One of Financial Times' Summer Books of 2020

An explosive and unprecedented inside look at Steve Bannon's entourage of global powerbrokers and the hidden alliances shaping today's geopolitical upheaval.

In 2015, Bloomberg News named Steve Bannon “the most dangerous political operative in America.” Since then, he has grown exponentially more powerful—and not only in the United States. In this groundbreaking and urgent account, award-winning scholar of the radical right Benjamin Teitelbaum takes readers behind-the-scenes of Bannon's global campaign against modernity.

Inspired by a radical twentieth-century ideology called Traditionalism, Bannon and a small group of right-wing powerbrokers are planning new political mobilizations on a global scale—discussed and debated in secret meetings organized by Bannon in hotel suites and private apartments in DC, Europe and South America. Their goal? To upend the world order and reorganize geopolitics on the basis of archaic values rather than modern ideals of democracy, freedom, social progress, and human rights. Their strenuous efforts are already producing results, from the fortification of borders throughout the world and the targeting of immigrants, to the undermining of the European Union and United States governments, and the expansion of Russian influence.

Drawing from exclusive interviews with Bannon’s hidden network of far-right thinkers, years of academic research into the radical right, and with unprecedented access to the esoteric salons where they meet, Teitelbaum exposes their considerable impact on the world and their radical vision for the future.  

“A fast-paced account that reads like a Dan Brown novel. Rich in cinematic description, it cuts from ornate hotel lobbies to Caucasian battlefields, from Steve Bannon’s couch to a Hare Krishna ashram in Mumbai. . . . Gripping, and convincingly makes the case that eastern-themed ideas have influenced thinkers on the right.“
“A breathless account.”
“Timely, insightful and often troubling. . . War for Eternity is predominantly an attempt to understand the ideology of Bannon and other important alt-right figures. . . Teitelbaum enjoys remarkable access to them and uses his background research into the contemporary far right to fill in the gaps, draw connections and explain the bigger picture.”
“Insightful and immersive. . . Teitelbaum argues that Bannon's rise, alongside counterparts in countries such as Brazil and Russia, can be traced to an obscure intellectual current that you have never heard of. . . If you are interested in exploring the intellectual traditions that underpin today's populist revolt, this is a useful place to start."
"A US scholar speaks to global far-right figures and argues that they are linked by an obscure philosophy, traditionalism...This all sounds crackpot, until you contemplate Trump’s tearing down of the US administrative state. Environmental Protection Agency, State Department, Education Department: all were handed over to people who had vowed to wreck them. . . . War for Eternity joins the dots between this newly influential philosophy and leading personalities from the global right."
“This book has the makings of a fine Hollywood script.” 

“Teitelbaum’s quest to find the Traditionalist roots of these men is dogged… a curious tale of hidden ideas operating in the undergrowth of the far-right populist revolt.”
"Astonishing and chilling."
“This is no dry academic text. Teitelbaum writes like a journalist, in a style that is engaging, empathetic but always critical. The result is a fascinating book … Informed, engaging and insightful."
“Cleverer and more fair-minded than most critiques.”

ISBN:  9780062978455