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The Fourth Durango
St. Martin's Griffin

The Fourth Durango

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The Fourth Durango
Author(s): Ross Thomas

The Fourth Durango is not your ordinary Durango. It's not in Spain, or Mexico, and it's not a ski town in the Colorado Rockies, although Durangos do exist in all of those places. This Durango has an industry, albeit a rather odd one-it is a hideout business, a place where people pay to find sanctuary from former friends and associates who are either trying to kill them, or have them killed. Into this Durango comes a former chief justice of a state supreme court, followed by son-in-law Kelly Vines to act as his emissary to the beautiful and savvy mayor. Following them come a false priest, and a run of murders. It takes a Ross Thomas to stir these characters into a witty and ingenious mix readers will not be able to -and certainly would not want to-resist.


"A suspense story laced with wry wit. ... Thomas builds suspense and character almost casually, once again proving himself a master of the crime thriller." - Publishers Weekly

"A new Ross Thomas turns me back into a reader who forgets what day it is." - The Cincinnati Enquirer

"An entertaining book that can be pleasantly devoured in a sitting or returned to in satisfied anticipation." - Los Angeles Times

"We already know how witty Mr. Thomas can be about entrepreneurial greed and political chicanery... But Durango is a revelation. ... Give us a road map and a passport." - The New York Times

"There is no one like Ross Thomas...a master of the arabesques of storytelling." - The Washington Post

ISBN:  9780312315856