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Approaches to Theological Ethics : Sources, Traditions, Visions
T&T Clark

Approaches to Theological Ethics : Sources, Traditions, Visions

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Approaches to Theological Ethics
Author(s): Maureen Junker-Kenny

Maureen Junker-Kenny offers a systematic overview of the discipline of theological ethics in the variety of its approaches, which draw upon different philosophical traditions and theological visions in treating its sources. Part One examines the four sources of theological ethics: the Bible, tradition, philosophical accounts of the human, and the individual human sciences. Part Two compares five frameworks in English- and German-speaking theological ethics, based on virtue, worship, natural law, autonomy, and feminist analyses. Part Three compares three types of vision - integralist, praxis-oriented, and discourse-focused - , and Junker-Kenny concludes by situating the investigation of the discipline within contemporary philosophical and theological exchanges on religion in the public sphere.

The book provides a framework in which students can locate the specific use of core ethical concepts and argumentations, comparing how each approach relates to the Bible, to historical reason, theological thought, practical self-understandings and interdisciplinary perspectives on ethics in a scientific and technological culture.

In an age of globalisation where different cultures, religions, lifestyles and values meet in the workplace, in schools, and in public spaces shaped by religious and cultural traditions, it is necessary to foster the ability to create possibilities and venues for dialogue between different self-understandings. Analysing the variety of approaches to theological ethics helps articulate different visions of what constitutes a fulfilled life, of how the moral vocation of each human being can be supported, and of the role of the Christian faith for ethics.


“Bearing the fruit of many years teaching in Dublin, Maureen Junker-Kenny successfully combines accessible exposition with judicious criticism. Wide ranging in its scope and learning, her study of approaches to theological ethics will serve as an illuminating guide to students. This volume is set to become an important point of reference for others working in the field.” —David Fergusson, Professor of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, UK

“Arguably, this book will significantly expand the English-speaking debate on theological ethics. It not only provides an erudite outline of recent continental positions in this field but also brings them into a critical conversation with the Anglophone discourse. On this basis, a quite novel approach to theological ethics comes into sight.” —Christoph Hübenthal, Professor of Systematic Theology, Radboud University, Netherlands

ISBN:  9780567682963