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Every Day
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Every Day

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Every Day
Author(s): Elizabeth Richards

In the rare moments when Leigh Adelman has time to consider her chaotic life, it takes her breath away: it's filled with three wonderful children and Simon, a devoted husband and father. Leigh's suburban New York life is fourteen years distant from her first love, an electric adventure that produced her first child -- and taught her that even all-consuming passion doesn't mean happily ever after. That intense, hopeful time had slowly receded to a remote corner of her heart...until the summer morning when Fowler popped back into her life.
Unfinished business compels Leigh to see the brilliant, uncompromising Fowler. And as soon as she hears his voice she understands that she has always loved him. But this rendezvous turns out to be less about first love than it is about a last chance. For it is clear that Fowler is dying.
Honest, moving and utterly authentic, Every Day is about testing the boundaries of love, and living with the often messy consequences. For anyone who has ever daydreamed about the past, or silently wondered what if, this unforgettable novel rings with one essential truth: the toughest choices yield the most unexpected rewards.

Minneapolis Star Tribune A remarkable hit....
BookPage Every Day is a warm, charming tale starring a fabulous woman struggling with her emotions through self-effacing wit. More works like this one, and Ms. Richards will become an Every Day household name.
Kirkus Reviews Swift and gripping....Renews one's faith in the novel's possibilities....Dialogue from heaven, with prose combed of all banalities.
New York Newsday When you care about a character that much, the author is clearly doing something right....The author's strong voice -- witty, courageous, intelligent -- and subtle limning of the tension between marriage and love, responsibility and passion, loyalty and freedom make Every Day a deeply moving story about the lives women lead. [A] sparely written book, brimming with emotion....
Minneapolis Star Tribune Narrated with a sense of immediacy by a likable character whose instincts, insights, needs and doubts are thoroughly credible....Intelligent dialogue and poignant restraint bring real strength....
Wichita Falls Times/Record (KS) A powerful novel that takes the reader by storm....the rich tale of a woman whose life is as real as that of your next-door neighbor.

ISBN:  9780671001568