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Resurrecting Mingus
Free Press

Resurrecting Mingus

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Resurrecting Mingus
Author(s): Jenoyne Adams

This nationally bestselling coming-of-age novel tells the story of Mingus Browning and her fight to find her own identity amidst the powerful and painful questions of life that force her to confront everything and everyone that matters to her.

In the midst of her parents' divorce, Mingus Browning is torn between the father she has always been closer to, the mother she may have to defend in divorce proceedings, and a sister hell-bent on winning their lifelong sibling rivalry. Caught among the three, Mingus is a woman alone who realizes that she always felt more comfortable that way because she is not part of any particular group, let alone a united family.

After years of isolating herself from those trying to care for her, Mingus meets someone who destroys her protective defenses and exposes her need to be loved. When she meets Eric Simms, Mingus learns to forget the fear of a broken heart, opening herself completely to the idea of companionship. But when secrets of Eric’s life are revealed, Mingus finds herself in a minefield of hurt, forced, yet again, to choose between three options: her man, her sister, and the truth.

After years of heartache and betrayals, Mingus comes to the point in her life that she will realize who she is and what she wants in Jenoyne Adam’s debut novel filled with raw imagery and poetic prose. Resurrecting Mingus candidly explores the bonds of family, faith, and finding someone to love when you can’t even find someone to trust.

USA Today Engaging and provocative.
Essence A highly charged debut novel filled with intrigue
Heart and Soul Don't miss Resurrecting Mingus. Adam's raw yet powerful prose makes for a compelling read...
USA Today Jenoyne Adams' compelling debut novel offers a candid, unsentimental exploration of interracial relationships, both familial and romantic.

ISBN:  9780671787813