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Management of the Absurd
Free Press

Management of the Absurd

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Management of the Absurd
Author(s): Richard Farson

An original, contrarian philosophy that challenges today's leaders to look past the quick fix and deal thoughtfully with the real complexities of managing people.
In organizations, as in life, human behavior is often irrational -- and problems do not easily lend themselves to the simplistic answers and gimmickry offered in the myriad business "self-help" books and management training programs available today. In Management of the Absurd, Richard Farson zeros in on the paradoxes of communication, the politics of management, and the dilemmas of change, exploring relationships within organizations and offering a unique perspective on the challenges managers face.

Fortune If you are willing to look at your life, your career, and your company from an entirely fresh angle, this book may provide more surprises and insights than you will find in any ten other management tomes that appear this year.
Tom Peters This may be the best book on leadership I've ever read.
Chicago Tribune Lively...compelling...perfectly suited for a world bursting with absurdity and paradox.
Robert Kuttner Economics columnist, Business Week A succinct and charming book on the nuances of leadership. Stands out from the usual homilies about how to be a manager -- a work of humanity and wisdom.
The San Diego Union-Tribune Every once in a while, someone writes a management book that throws all current thought on the subject out the window. Such is the case with Management of the Absurd. Well-written and easy to absorb.

ISBN:  9780684830445