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Apologizing to Dogs

Apologizing to Dogs

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Apologizing to Dogs
Author(s): Joe Coomer

Times are tough for the antique dealers working on Worth Row. This is not to say, however, that it is by any means quiet on the Row, a place where bathtubs double as lawn furniture and adultery, bribery and larceny are commonplace. From the quirky to the certifiable, it seems that everyone has something to hide -- from their cus- tomers, spouses and even themselves. But when a violent storm strikes, causing fire, a heart attack and grand theft, it stirs up more than just the earth it hits. Suddenly, long-buried truths are flowing faster than the flooding rains, and when the dust and smoke finally clear, everything is righted at last.
With a strong, rich and uproariously funny voice, Joe Coomer resurrects the magic of his previous novels, Beachcombing for a Shipwrecked God and The Loop, and turns the utterly ordinary into the stunningly extra-ordinary. With a splendid cast of characters and the cleverest canine in comedy, Apologizing to Dogs is a hilarious, heartwarming and wonderfully human tale, proving that no matter how old you get, there's always something worth holding on to, fighting for and loving with all your might.

Richard Wallace The Seattle Times This is neo-Southern Gothic country, and nobody writing today does it better and funnier than Joe Coomer.
Lori Leibovitch The New York Times Book Review Reading Joe Coomer's new novel is like watching an entertaining sitcom -- its characters are too zany to be real, but they're irresistible nonetheless....Coomer manages to squeeze a fascinating range of human experience into one little street in Texas.
Kirkus Reviews Thirty years' worth of secrets, most having to do with sex and love, are exposed in the course of one frantic day in this deftly plotted mix of comedy and romance....Coomer manages it all with a surprisingly light, often witty, touch....A sharply observant and engaging entertainment.

ISBN:  9780684859477