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Eating The Cheshire Cat : A Novel

Eating The Cheshire Cat : A Novel

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Eating The Cheshire Cat
Author(s): Helen Ellis

The debut novel by the author of American Housewife.

Eating the Cheshire Cat lures us into a world of perfectly planned parties and steep social ladders, where traditional rites of passage take unpredictable and horrifying turns as three girls and their overbearing mothers collide.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, beauty is as beauty does, with axes and knives and killer smiles.

Sarina Summers and her mother will stop at nothing to have it all. Nicole Hicks harbors a fierce obsession with Sarina, which repeatedly undermines Mrs. Hicks's ambitious goals. Bitty Jack Carlson, a nice girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is caught in the crossfire but struggles to succeed outside the confines of this outrageous yet eerily familiar Southern community. It's survival of the fittest. Which girl will come out on top?

Covering everything from summer camp to the University of Alabama's Homecoming game, this fast-paced and unforgettable novel will keep readers guessing until the bitter end.

Jacqueline Pray USA Today A darkly funny gothic novel...deliciously catty.
Mark Rozzo Los Angeles Times This breezy tale about old-fashioned back-stabbing in the New South is meant to be gobbled up....Ellis entertains as easily as whistling "Dixie."
Don O'Briant Atlanta Journal-Constitution This...comic novel gleefully takes on Southern stereotypes, teenage rituals...and even the hallowed relationship between mother and daughter.
Cathi Hanauer Mademoiselle A wicked look at the wacked world of Southern social climbing...hilarious.

ISBN:  9780684864419