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Burning Garbo : A Nina Zero Novel
Simon & Schuster

Burning Garbo : A Nina Zero Novel

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Burning Garbo
Author(s): Robert Eversz

On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, ex-con-turned-paparazza Nina Zero scales the Malibu hillside above the estate of a reclusive film star who hasn't been seen in a decade. Within the next few hours, a mysterious gunman shoots her, a deadly brushfire almost smokes her, an arson investigator accuses her, and a toothless Rottweiler adopts her as his new best friend.
Accompanied by the toothless Rott, Zero goes on the hunt, compelled to prove that someone else set fire to the star's estate to keep the cops from jailing her for arson and -- when charred bones are discovered in the ashes -- murder. The killers are equally interested in finding her, and their desperation escalates to a bone-chilling series of violent encounters in which Nina plays hunter one moment and prey the next.

"Eversz has a superb sense of place that's perfectly matched by his plotting and characterization in a book with action and psychological depth. Burning Garbo is rich, rewarding crime fiction by an author who should be much better known."
-- Detroit Free Press
"If Nathanael West of The Day of the Locust fame had written mysteries, he may have come up with something as jumpy, honest, and explosive as Eversz's three books about Zero."
-- Chicago Tribune
"Robert Eversz's acclaimed Nina Zero series continues in a smart, stylish, and scathingly funny crime thriller the critics call 'a noir-lover's neon dream.'"
-- The Washington Post Book World
"Zero is a fine character, someone who has definitely had the cards stacked against her in life, but who never gives up the good fight....A fun read."
-- San Jose Mercury News
"Eversz keeps delivering deft noir touches and explosive action throughout this latest entry in the tough-girl Nina Zero series."
-- Booklist
"The action is nonstop, the Los Angeles images spot on, and the mood evocative of the noir classics that defined the early great L.A. crime novels."
-- BookPage
"Celebrities, cameras, guns, death by wildfire and toothless big dogs. Who could ask for more?"
-- Arizona Daily Star
"(Nina Zero) comes across as the pissed-off, trouble-prone love child of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Joan Jett. Or is it Chrissie Hynde? Or, maybe, Courtney Love? Well, whoever her mother is, Nina can probably kick your ass. At least, verbally."
-- January Magazine
"Eversz is good, wickedly good."
-- About.com
"Good supporting characters, realistic depictions of Southern California and Arizona and bump-to-jump fast plotting. A fun read."
-- Austin American-Statesman

ISBN:  9780743250146