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A Hungry Heart : A Memoir
Washington Square Press

A Hungry Heart : A Memoir

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A Hungry Heart
Author(s): Gordon Parks

Acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, composer, novelist, and memoirist, Gordon Parks has participated in, been witness to, and documented many of the major events in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries.

In A Hungry Heart, Parks reflects on the people and events that shaped him: from growing up poor on the Kansas prairie to crisscrossing the country on the North Coast Limited; documenting poverty and injustice in Chicago to doing fashion spreads for Vogue; photographing black revolutionaries to writing, composing the soundtrack for, and directing the Hollywood movie version of his novel The Learning Tree. More than a self-portrait of the artist, A Hungry Heart is a striking account of an American era.

"No one has done more to frame the true landscape of black America than Gordon Parks."
-- American Legacy magazine
"Every page of A Hungry Heart is a feast and only makes you want to learn more from this...renaissance man."
-- Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
"[N]ow and in the future [we] will thank [Parks] for leaving this account, which may help us all unravel and put in perspective many aspects of coming present tenses."
-- Ruby Dee
"Parks is one of my real heroes, a role model of strength and conviction. These qualities unfold through the chapters of his life stories.... Essential reading."
-- Archie Givens Jr., The Givens Foundation for African American Literature
"A testimony to Parks's wit, sensitivities and vast armory of talents."
-- The New York Times Book Review

ISBN:  9780743269032