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Rag Man
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Rag Man

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Rag Man
Author(s): Pete Hautman

Acclaimed for his sparkling dialogue, laugh-out-loud funny descriptions, and suspenseful, brilliantly drawn plots, Pete Hautman asks tough questions about the nature of good and evil -- and offers some unexpected answers in this blackly comic page-turner.
Mack MacWray's clothing company was wildly successful -- until his smooth-talking partner, Lars Larson, disappeared with all the assets, leaving Mack with nothing but debts and shattered dreams. Devastated, he thinks he has nothing left to live for until, on the cliffs of a remote Mexican resort, he finds his wayward partner. After push literally comes to shove, Mack has a sudden revelation: Maybe he's not such a nice guy after all.
Mack returns to the States minus his moral compass -- and discovers a world of opportunity. Without the ball and chain of guilt and accountability, his success is all but guaranteed. He transforms himself from bankrupt loser to hard-nosed success story -- but at what cost? His wife wants the old Mack back; her best friend wants Mack in bed; Lars's widow wants money (or revenge); and Detective Jerry Pleasant wants some answers....

Albuquerque Journal (NM) Hautman reminds me most of Carl Hiaasen...who combines action, comedy, and mystery in outrageous ways.
The Denver Post Pete Hautman is among the writers whose name alone promises a great read.
Craig Holden Author of The River Sorrow Pete Hautman's Rag Man is a fast story about a good man who learns to be bad. If that sounds like fun, you're right. It is. Lots of it.

ISBN:  9780743411844