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Father Found
Simon & Schuster

Father Found

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Father Found
Author(s): RM Johnson

With the same passion and insight he brought to The Harris Men, RM Johnson offers a gripping look at a pressing social issue -- and a rare window into the contemporary male psyche.
Father Found
As founder of an organization that tracks down deadbeat dads and holds them accountable to the children they abandoned, Zale Rowen is no ordinary nine-to-fiver. Fiercely devoted to Father Found and its mission, he is all but obsessed. And though Zale's heart is in the right place, his life begins to spiral out of control as he is pulled further into Chicago's underbelly in his pursuit of homeless youth and delinquent dads. Soon he is ruining his most valued relationships, jeopardizing his life, and undermining the very organization for which he has sacrificed everything.
Forced to take a step back and examine his behavior, Zale is finally beginning to face the dark, long-repressed secrets motivating him when he is blindsided by a shocking revelation that challenges everything he holds true.
As in his acclaimed debut, RM Johnson weaves a deeply engaging novel of family and self-sacrifice. Unflinching yet compassionate, Father Found is a testament to the power of forgiveness, and a striking commentary on our times.

E. Lynn Harris Thrilling! Grabs hold of you and does not let go until the final page is turned. RM Johnson explores the most significant issues in our society today with a respect, a poignancy, a knowledge that make him, undoubtedly, the writer for the new millennium.
Booklist Compelling.
Black Issues Book Review Shocking yet genuine, Father Found leaves you crying for the children of broken, abusive homes and poses important questions about whether our society is doing enough to combat the war on our most prized resources.
Colin Channer Author of Waiting in Vain This novel is a ringing declaration of bold intent -- RM Johnson has set his sights on becoming one of the most daring and insightful novelists of his generation.
Eric Jerome Dickey Author of Cheaters From cover to cover, RM Johnson's writing is powerful and bold. He deals with issues in prose that evokes all of the senses. RM Johnson's writing is from the heart, thought-provoking, and life-changing; he moves the reader from the first word.
Lolita Files Author of Getting to the Good Part An intimate examination of roles and responsibilities in an ever-changing, increasingly less responsible world. A remarkable novel -- a literary mosaic filled with powerful, poignant characters and infused with a richness and spirit that rise far beyond the page.
Omar Tyree Author of A Do Right Man Mr. Johnson writes about fatherhood in this era with a boldness you don't see often. Father Found pulled me in from the start and never let me down. This is powerful stuff. I wish I'd written it first.

ISBN:  9780743412469