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Pushing Up Daisies : A Novel
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Pushing Up Daisies : A Novel

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Pushing Up Daisies
Author(s): Jamise L. Dames

After hitting it big with Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe, national bestselling author Jamise L. Dames is back with another hip, sensual, and compelling novel.
A Tragic Past...
Daisy Parker's boyfriend has strayed one too many times and she's no longer sitting pretty. Having sacrificed seven years of her life to being his faithful woman and raising his nine-year-old son, the only thing that will calm her now is to hurl his beloved wardrobe out their second-story window. Single life may scare Daisy, but her mind is made up -- when the good-for-nothing returns, she'll serve him his walking papers. Only he isn't up to his old tricks that night, and what goes down strips Daisy of the option to choose. She's on her own.
...A Hopeful Future
Left penniless, homeless, and jobless, Daisy struggles to make a home for herself and her son. Just when she seems poised to take control and put the baggage of her past behind her, complications arise when the towering frame of Daisy's deliciously handsome college crush strolls into town. His unexpected attention makes her feel alive, yet she's been burned by love once and isn't sure she can take the heat. As undeniable passions rise, so do the stakes, and Daisy can't stand to lose another round....
A compelling tale of life, love, and hope.

"Captivating and powerful! Dames seduces with an alarming, tightly woven dose of deceit, passion, and strength."
-- Noire, author of G-Spot
"Jamise has done it again! A juicy, compelling read, not to be missed."
-- Brandon Massey, author of Within the Shadows
"Pushing Up Daisies tugs at your heartstrings and emotions, but Dames gives back fourfold with her skillful storytelling. Daisies takes the reader on an unforgettable journey."
-- Yasmin Shiraz, author of The Blueprint for My Girls and Exclusive

ISBN:  9780743492669