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A Mother's Grace : Healing the World, One Woman at a Time
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A Mother's Grace : Healing the World, One Woman at a Time

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A Mother's Grace
Author(s): Michelle Moore

The compelling story of heroic women across the country who, despite personal trauma, found grace in difficult times and transformed their personal adversity into pay-it-forward wins by founding nonprofits that help and sustain others, mother to mother.

In the midst of environmental chaos, economic uncertainly, and an endless array of health issues, mothers remain the backbone of our families and exponentially impact their communities. Such is the case of the brave women featured in A Mother’s Grace: Healing the World One Woman at a Time. Author Michelle Moore is founder and president of Mother’s Grace, an award-winning nonprofit organization that supports thousands of mothers and their children in crisis each year. She endured overwhelming trauma as a young girl when her mother died suddenly, and later struggled with divorce, cancer, and a son with juvenile diabetes. She begins by recounting how women in her circle of mom friends helped heal her childhood wounds and empowered her to claim victories in adulthood. Along the way, through divine intervention, she meets the ten remarkable women featured here whose personal tragedy-to-victory stories changed her forever.

Readers seeking guidance during the challenging times we all face in life will find inspiration and hope as they meet mothers who have lived through dire poverty, the death of a child, a spouse’s suicide, terminal childhood cancer, and devastating natural disaster. The poignant and powerful stories of how each found the grit and grace to not only defeat these challenges but also turn them around to impact the world is enlightening and motivating.

Finally, Moore calls readers to rise from the depths of their challenges and gives them the tools to do so. Lessons from the moms in this book provide specific life strategies anyone can use to improve her situation and the world around her—one woman at a time.

A Mother’s Grace is filled with stories about the strength and resilience of women. Maternal energy sustains life and our planet. Michelle Moore has done an amazing job of showcasing that the givers of life are also the ultimate protectors of life. Michelle’s book touched me deeply.” 

 —Candice Rosen, author of Forget Dieting! It's All About Data-Driven Fueling 
“Women historically have not been able to have their stories of sacrifice and determination adequately portrayed. A Mother’s Grace offers a poignant account that identifies the urgency of telling the stories of women who have given from the heart. Women can change the world, and A Mother’s Grace shows us how.” 

––Anandhi Narasimhan, MD, child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist; asylum evaluator, Physicians for Human Rights 
“Michelle Moore describes her own physical and emotional challenges—and her resilience. Working through multiple traumas, she became stronger and found ways to offer other women what she herself needed—physical, emotional, and spiritual support.  She invited twelve wounded and healing women to each write a chapter here about their journeys, and to help her create a foundation to help others, modeling for them how to ‘pay good forward.’ Specific guidelines are included that encourage women to learn self-reflection, define their own particular talents, create a plan to reach out to help other women and children, and even to begin their own philanthropic ventures if they choose. She urges readers to help ‘heal the world’ making it kinder and safer for others. The book is a gem.”

—Karen J. Clayton, sociologist, social worker, author of Demystifying Hospice: Inside the Stories of Patients and Caregivers
“With A Mother’s Grace, Michelle Moore touches the hearts and minds of all women who have struggled through hardship, grief, and loss. Her story resonates with my own, as I lived through every parent’s worst nightmare—losing a child and three bouts with lung cancer. We are not just survivors. We are a phoenix, not unlike the mythological bird that rises from the ashes to empowerment. Michelle’s inspirational story illustrates our ability to morph adversity into purpose––with passion. Kudos to Ms. Moore for being a role model for all women hoping to heal from insufferable wounds.” 

––Joan E Childs, LCSW, psychotherapist and inspirational speaker; author of I Hate the Man I Love 
“Unless one experiences hardship, grave illness of a child, or even looking squarely into the face of one’s own death, one misses the opportunity to empathize with others who also experience devastating need, loss of a beloved, or the annihilation of the home and village that had been the ancestral home before a tornado. Through acquaintances with strong, inspirational women, Moore found personal healing through faith, love, service, and friendship to others by sharing and writing about their experiences. By writing this poignant book, volunteering with disaster clean-up, and founding Mother’s Grace, a nonprofit that now assists mothers and their children in the midst of tragic life events, this dynamic Power Woman was able to face her adversity, become resilient by grace, and “raise her soul to a higher place.” 

—Dr. P. D. Sargent, author, Power Women: Lessons from the Ancient World

ISBN:  9780757323669