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Feenin : A Novel
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Feenin : A Novel

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Author(s): Nane Quartay

Two powerful personalities are on a collision course in this rocket-fast novel about money, power, and survival.

Coming from a painful childhood that left him on the streets, Tokus Stone is a self-made man—to survive the streets, Tokus became a street hustler, selling drugs to make ends meet while envisioning a future without crime. This vision seems to become a reality—until his past catches up with him.

Now he is a man caught between what he knows and what he knows is right, between the fortune of crime and the conviction of law. Way Jalon, on the other side of the spectrum, rules the city with an iron fist, presiding over an empire of wealth and influence. Armed with a dangerous new secret, he vows to remake the fabric of society by his own standards—and Tokus Stone will be his perfect gamble.

This edge-of-your-seat novel traces the lives of a street hustler and an affluent businessman from their sharply contrasting paths to their final confrontation—a confrontation only one of them will survive.

Zane National Bestselling Author of Addicted, The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth, Shame on it All, The Heat Seekers, Gettin' Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles 2, The Sister of APF and Nervous Feenin takes the genre of "street novels" to another level. Quartay delves into the world of two people that harbor a mutual hatred for society and each other. The supporting characters in the novel are so well-developed that they deserve separate novels of their own.

ISBN:  9780971195370