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Korea Strait : A Novel

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Korea Strait
Author(s): David Poyer

United States Navy officer and Medal of Honor winner Dan Lenson's mission is to observe an international military exercise involving the navies of South Korea, Japan, Australia, and America.

It should be routine duty for Dan, but old alliances are unraveling, as North Korea threatens the U.S. and China expands its influence. Acting as both adviser and adversary to a ruthless South Korean task force commander, Dan must stop a wolfpack of unidentified submarines, armed with nuclear weapons, which is trying to elude Allied surveillance and penetrate the Sea of Japan. Is it the start of an invasion . . . or an elaborate feint, to divert attention from a devastating attack?

Battling faulty weapons, a complacent Washington establishment, and a fierce typhoon season at sea, Dan must act on his own---even if doing so means the end of his career, the lives of his observers, and the risk of nuclear war. Featuring fierce action at sea and political intrigue at the highest levels, Korea Strait is both a first-class thriller and a prescient look at how the next major war might begin.


“What if North Korea attacked South Korea and the U.S. . . . not with tanks and missiles, but with a devastating strike from the sea? A gripping and timely naval adventure by 'a master of authentic detail'.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Poyer remains the most thoughtful of the military-thriller set and a master of authentic detail.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Threat

“There's plenty of danger and gripping action to satisfy his legion of fans.” —Military.com on The Threat

“Plenty of action, plot twists, and just enough character development to keep the pace moving . . . grab this engaging pot boiler.” —Norfolk Viginian-Pilot on The Threat

“A revealing portrayal of the backroom goings-on at the White House. Poyer's more interested in story and character than in slam-bang action, and that's a good thing because when the action does kick in, we care enough about the characters to follow them into danger. Recommended especially for fans of Robert Ludlum's political thrillers (although Poyer is a superior writer).” —Booklist on The Threat

ISBN:  9781250051226