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Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog : Further Adventures with the Celebrity Dachshund
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Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog : Further Adventures with the Celebrity Dachshund

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Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog
Author(s): Ryan Beauchesne

The New York Times bestselling and 2018 Animal Star People's Choice Award-winning popular blogger, internet sensation Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund returns with a beautiful and whimsical book full of heartwarming and goofy photographs of his around the world travels in Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog.

Join the photogenic Crusoe as he leaves fame and fortune behind to expand his horizons, get his passport stamped, and journey across the globe to eat delicious food, relax on beautiful beaches, dig lots of holes, and generally enjoy all that celebrity travel has to offer. You'll also get to see a little of his "staycations" and life at home between travels.

Jet-setting is what dachshunds do best. From Switzerland’s Alps and Mexico’s Mayan temples to Italy’s seaside villages and France’s Eiffel Tower—as well as various locales throughout the U.S. and Canada—Crusoe shares his wit and wisdom on appreciating culture, fine wine, and haute cuisine, always dressing for the occasion, and maybe learning a thing or two about what really matters most in life along the way.

In hundreds of brilliant color photographs, see the charming and charismatic mini-doxie embark on such thrilling adventures as…

* Hitting the streets of New York City as The Wiener of Wall Street
* Stalking evildoers as Batdog
* Strolling Hollywood’s Walk of Fame (with his own star)
* Going out on a dinner and movie date with the lovely Paisley
* Digging for fossils at Dinosaur Provincial Park
* Playing doctor and dentist to his sidekick brother, Oakley
* Drinking at the notorious Bar Vitelli, shooting location of The Godfather
* Recovering from back surgery with lots of love and rehabilitating in style
* Tasting a beignet at New Orleans’s famous Café du Monde
* Exploring his German heritage as a “badger dog”—and discovering what wiener schnitzel actually is…

And so much more!


"Featuring colorful photographs and stories from his worldwide travels, Crusoe the Worldly Wiener Dog: Further Adventures with the Celebrity Dachshund is as charming as its four-legged protagonist! In this visually appealing photo journal, Crusoe takes his fans to beloved North American cities like New York and Vancouver, across the seas to Switzerland and Italy, and deep into some of Mexico’s darkest caves. This small pup’s poses and costumes are as entertaining as ever, while fresh scenery adds a new backdrop of excitement and culture that old and new fans alike will adore."—Animal Wellness Magazine

Praise for Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund:

“Beauchesne had us at ‘celebrity dachshund’...Crusoe...is a tell-all for the pooch’s adoring fans with advice for everything from baking to life, love and the pursuit of happiness.” —EW.com

“[Crusoe's] wit, wisdom and undeniable charm are on display in print form. There are even recipes, and the photo of Crusoe in his chef's hat alone may be worth the price of the book.” —Chicago Tribune

“There's a new celebrity chef on the scene and he's got a paw up on the competition.” —Huffington Post

"If cuteness is a crime, [this dog is] guilty." —Mashable

"All in all, he crushes life." —Buzzfeed

ISBN:  9781250134721