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The Traveler : An Event Group Thriller

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The Traveler
Author(s): David L. Golemon

It’s 267,000 BCE. A traveler arrives in the jungles of an ancient world—ONE NEVER MEANT FOR HUMANKIND.

In another time, men and women struggle to recover from the loss of many of their own in a battle. Inside of this group, Colonel Jack Collins has summoned the best from the most secretive organization in the U.S. government, the Event Group, to help him in his new mission to bring home one of their own from a world that existed in the past.

can the event group find a way out of this hostile land—before the world as we know it is lost forever?

Now, to accomplish the impossible, Collins will have to find the technology to travel through time, a trail that will be rife with treachery and murder. To lose this fight would be to change the very history of the planet—and the present. . .

The New York Times bestselling author David L. Golemon returns with an adrenaline rush—the latest thriller in the Event Group Series, The Traveler.


"[A]n explosive combination that features the author's immense imagination. It's difficult to ground such fantastic science and weirdness in reality, but Golemon makes it look effortless… tense, terrifying — and worth the investment. Readers not familiar with the Event Group will find this book the perfect place to start." –Associated Press on Ripper

"Fans of Clive Cussler, Verne, X-Files, and military tactical thrillers will find much to enjoy in this increasingly clever series." –Booklist on Leviathan

"Golemon knows how to make readers turn the pages.."—Booklist on Primeval

ISBN:  9781250816733