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Bloomsbury Academic

A Modern History of European Cities : 1815 to the Present

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A Modern History of European Cities
Author(s): Rosemary Wakeman

Rosemary Wakeman's original survey text comprehensively explores modern European urban history from 1815 to the present day. It provides a journey to cities and towns across the continent, in search of the patterns of development that have shaped the urban landscape as indelibly European. The focus is on the built environment, the social and cultural transformations that mark the patterns of continuity and change, and the transition to modern urban society.

Including over 60 images that serve to illuminate the analysis, the book examines whether there is a European city, and if so, what are its characteristics? Wakeman offers an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates concepts from cultural and postcolonial studies, as well as urban geography, and provides full coverage of urban society not only in western Europe, but also in eastern and southern Europe, using various cities and city types to inform the discussion. The book provides detailed coverage of the often-neglected urbanization post-1945 which allows us to more clearly understand the modernizing arc Europe has followed over the last two centuries.


"The very scope of the European urban experience over the past two centuries poses an enormous challenge to anyone attempting to write a history of it. It is a testament to Wakeman’s skills as a historian that she does so successfully ... [An] important study that clarifies the combination of factors that shaped the Europe of today. Recommended for libraries specializing in urban studies and the history of modern Europe. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty." - CHOICE

“This book is terrific, and I know that students will think so too. It makes for captivating reading and is truly European in its scope, rightfully expanding the history of the modern urban experience beyond the cities of London and Paris.” —Elizabeth Sage, Associate Professor of History, Whittier College, USA

“I cannot think of anyone who is better qualified than Rosemary Wakeman to write the modern history of urban Europe. This is a book of surprises that decentres conventional narratives, bringing eastern and southern European cities into the frame and extending the timespan beyond the fall of the Berlin wall. The result is a sparkling history, theoretically alert and full of fascinating detail.” —Simon Gunn, Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, UK

A Modern History of European Cities is essential reading for all students of modern European urban history, and anyone wanting a fuller historical understanding of modernity.” —Moritz Föllmer, Associate Professor of Modern History, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISBN:  9781350017665