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Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse
Bloomsbury Academic

Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse

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Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse
Author(s): Wai-ying Wong

Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse brings Chinese philosophers into dialogue with contemporary moral philosophers, identifying how ancient Chinese philosophy can contribute to Western discussions of moral philosophy. Covering the characteristics and significance of the Confucian ethical tradition, this study introduces the main concepts, discusses differing perspectives of moral dilemmas and closely examines whether Confucian ethics should be considered as virtue ethics in the Western tradition.

Through analysis of the meaning of virtues in Confucian ethics it draws comparison with virtues in Aristotlelian moral philosophy, and offers an in-depth review of the thought of Cheng Brothers in the Song Dynasty, shedding light on current ethical issues. With careful textual studies and philosophical perceptiveness, Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse connects ancient Chinese thought and contemporary problems in Western philosophy.


“Wong … trims down the discussion of Confucianism to the moral dimensions of Confucian and Neo-Confucian thought, and their possible connections to traditional and contemporary Western ethical reflections. To be sure, this does not constitute a shortcoming of the book: rather, it is a deliberate decision by Wong to focus largely on the ethical considerations of an ever-evolving body of thought of Chinese origins. At that, it carries out an excellent job … [For] readers who are attracted to comparative ethical analyses, the work will likely appeal.” – Religious Studies Review

“In this magnificent book, Wong brings ancient Chinese philosophy into dialogue with contemporary Western moral philosophy, showing how the former is not only still relevant to the latter, but also in what sense and to what extent it can significantly contribute to it.” —Yong Huang, Department of Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“This book explores and discusses some significant philosophical issues of ethics from the perspective of Confucianism. It is unique in the sense that it provides a dialogue between Confucianism and western ethics. People who are interested in Confucianism and ethics, especially those who adopt a comparative approach in ethics, will love to read this book.” —Simon M H Wong, Associate Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

ISBN:  9781350109087