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Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage : The Role of Local Governance in Economic Development
Bloomsbury Academic

Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage : The Role of Local Governance in Economic Development

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Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage
Author(s): Peter G. Gould

Peter G. Gould seeks to identify the success factors associated with economic development projects within communities adjacent to archaeological or heritage sites, a growing interest among archaeologists and heritage managers. Typically, the success of site museums, tourism businesses, or crafts cooperatives is rarely reported on in scholarly literature or subjected to systematic study. This book addresses that gap.

Gould argues that the success of community projects is inextricably linked to the mechanisms community members use to govern their project activities, and provides a much-needed assessment of the issues relating to community governance. Drawing together insights from economic analysis, political science, tourism scholarship, complexity scholarship, and the governance of non-profit enterprises, Gould suggests a model for community governance and illustrates the workings of that model through four case studies. Armed with this book's theoretical foundation, heritage professionals will have practical approaches to consider when designing community economic development projects.


“Gould's new monograph is a refreshing addition to the field of Public Archaeology, enriched by rigorous insights from the author's long career as an economist ... This volume will be of interest to readers within the fields of development, cultural economics, public archaeology and heritage. Its engaging and readable style makes it accessible to students, professionals, academics, and any interested members of the public.” —International Journal of Heritage Studies

“In Empowering Communities through Archaeology and Heritage, Peter Gould provides entry to several increasingly important conversations, all of which should be of interest to students aspiring to a career in heritage management … Improving the long-term viability of threatened heritage sites, particularly those made vulnerable by local poverty or a lack of capacity on the part of state actors, is a well-known need. Gould's work is helpful not only in identifying this problem, but also in suggesting a path forward that may be of great value for smaller, community-based initiatives likely to be missed in larger economic development efforts … Gould's work has succeeded in drawing much needed attention to both challenges and solutions that are of particular value to locally-driven, heritage-based economic development projects.” —Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage

“Gould offers archaeologists grounded and much-needed direction for managing heritage and economic development at the community level. Building on his unique long-term experience he reveals how best to balance organizational governance and community priorities in heritage projects from Italy to Peru. A timely and ethical contribution to one of the most pressing and elusive issues of our times.” —Lynn Meskell, Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University, USA

“Peter Gould's challenge – to find a sustainable economic model for cultural heritage sites, on a global scale, results in the three-legged stool of “context, capacity and governance”, based on community needs. Brilliantly simple and effective.” —Robert Bewley, Project Director of the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa Project, University of Oxford, UK

“Gould's book provides perceptive, exceptionally well-informed guidance for bringing archaeology and heritage work into original and productive dialogue with community economic development. Empathetic, sharply intelligent – essential reading for our times.” —Susan E. Alcock, Special Counsel, Professor of Classical Archaeology & Classics, University of Michigan, USA

ISBN:  9781350122307