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Oscar Season : A Novel
Simon & Schuster

Oscar Season : A Novel

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Oscar Season
Author(s): Mary McNamara

Hollywood is about to get
its wake-up call.

Everyone goes a little crazy during Oscar Season -- the campaigns, the parties, the seductions, the paybacks. Hollywood is never so cutthroat as it is at the turn of each year, when celebrities and their millions of fans across the globe begin their weeks-long, exclusive obsession with the Academy Awards. With so much money, so much power, so many egos, and so much to hide, how surprising is it when Industry players begin turning up dead?

At the heart of Los Angeles Times reporter Mary McNamara's novel, Oscar Season, is the Pinnacle Hotel, the hub of the Oscar maelstrom. Everyone who's anyone winds up under its luxe care and the watchful eye of its PR director, Juliette Greyson. When Juliette begins to suspect that conspiracy,nrather than coincidence, links what some are calling an Oscar Curse, more than just her job is threatened.

But this is Hollywood after all -- and during Oscar season it's almost impossible to know what is real and what is staged. Even when it comes to murder. Who is lying and who is merely acting? When does murder stop being murder and start becoming really good publicity?

Erudite and whip smart, suspenseful and sexy, Oscar Season is the perfect read to sneak in between red carpet interviews.

"It is written 'we all have two businesses, our own and show business.' We in show business, thus, sadly, have but one business -- that which, thankfully, there is no business like, and which Mary McNamara chronicles and lambastes in her book sadly, ruefully, and with that inextinguishable insider's hope and love, which is the most wistful irony of all." -- David Mamet, two-time Oscar nominee
"In the weeks before the Oscars there are a lot more surprises in store than what's in the envelope. With a depth of character and an insider's eye that you don't expect from a mystery, Mary McNamara spins a sensational tale of gossip, intrigue, murder, and mayhem." -- Amy Ephron, author of A Cup of Tea and White Rose
"In Hollywood, Mary McNamara knows where the bodies are buried. Oscar Season is a terrific murder mystery and a dishy behind-the-scenes account of the sublime madness of the movie world." -- Peter Lefcourt, author of The Deal and The Dreyfus Affair
"The wildly self-absorbed rascals in Oscar Season have familiar names and others are modeled on not-quite identifiable celebrities. This delicious novel feels like the love child of Agatha Christie and Harold Robbins and reads like a favorite old movie. Figuring out just who's who will surely keep Hollywood guessing all through this giddy mystery." -- David Freeman, author of A Hollywood Life and It's All True
"More a whodunit than a who-won-it, Mary McNamara's Oscar Season whizzes by at at least twice the speed of the yearly, seemingly yearlong, event and is a hundred times more entertaining. I liked it. I really liked it." -- Larry Gelbart, two-time Oscar nominee

ISBN:  9781416539926