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Free Style
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Free Style

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Free Style
Author(s): Linda Nieves-Powell

I realized that no matter how much I wanted the past to remain intact,
what was would never be again. We all got older. We all moved on.
And maybe things were supposed to change...

Funny, intelligent, and, above all, relevant, Free Style is an inspiring novel about two thirtysomething married moms -- one who is separated and the other whose marriage is hanging on by a thread. They decide to escape their to-do lists to revisit their past at Club 90, a nightclub they frequented in the early nineties. There they meet up with old friends and lost loves and dance their troubles away to Lisa Lisa and C&C Music Factory. But when they're hit with a shocking dose of reality, they must decide whether to stay in the past or move on.

More than just a fun read, Free Style explores serious issues that women grapple with all the time -- keeping romantic relationships alive, dealing with unexpected illness, single motherhood, and the need to come to terms with the past.

"Free Style explores the compromises made on the road to adulthood. A fun debut novel from a fresh new voice." -- Marta Acosta, author of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
"Linda Nieves-Powell really pulls you into these powerful characters' world and takes you on a roller-coaster journey of their frustrations, fears, and joys." -- Theresa Alan, author of Getting Married and Girls Who Gossip
"A completely engrossing journey of self-discovery. And the pop culture references were a blast!" -- Robyn Harding, author of The Journal of Mortifying Moments and The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom
"Free Style is a delightful, insightful exploration of friendship, filled with honesty, humor, and Latina flair." -- Wendy French, author of sMothering and Full of It
"Idalis wants life to be like it used to be, before she had a husband, a kid, and a corporate job -- when her biggest worry was what to wear to her old Bronx haunt, Club 90. But life doesn't stand still, and neither does Idalis. She gets over the past and gets real, then tells it like it is about love, marriage, motherhood, and all of the other parts of a working woman's life. Smart, sassy, and, above all, honest, Idalis is a character you will love." -- Heather Swain, author of Luscious Lemon
"Free Style is an empowering, entertaining powerhouse of a novel about self-discovery, friendship, and love. Terrific." -- Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and Love You to Death
"Linda Nieves-Powell delivers a refreshing and insightful debut clothed in '90s nostalgia. Free Style is warm, witty, soulful, and, above all else, true." -- Lindsay Faith Rech, author of Losing It and Joyride
"Inspiring, funny, and heartfelt, Free Style takes readers on a journey that speaks to the nature of friendship, love, and going home again. Like Thelma and Louise with even more sass and attitude." -- Jennifer Coburn, author of The Wife of Reilly

ISBN:  9781416542810