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Love Child : A Memoir of Family Lost and Found
Simon & Schuster

Love Child : A Memoir of Family Lost and Found

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Love Child
Author(s): Allegra Huston

• Inside a legendary American family: Allegra Huston was the third child of John Huston’s fourth wife, the beautiful ballet dancer Ricki Soma. In this graceful, penetrating memoir, Allegra takes us into the world of a child unmoored by her mother’s sudden death and sent on an odyssey which took her from John Huston’s fabulous estate in Ireland, to the American suburbs, to a hidden paradise in Mexico—and, at the side of her older sister Anjelica, into the hilltop retreats of Jack Nicholson, Ryan O’Neal, and Marlon Brando. Allegra paints a vivid, caring, and affecting portrait of her parents and the luminous circle of friends, acquaintances, lovers, and artists who were a part of family life. .

• A revelatory twist and family connection: At the age of twelve Allegra Huston discovered her biological father to be the British aristocrat and historian John Julius Norwich. Suffused with a quiet intensity of emotion, Love Child explores family secrets and family bonds, and the unreliable certainties of memory—and ends with an unexpected triumph..

"This extraordinary book reveals the all but unendurable sorrow of loss and the courage of those unwilling to live in a world without love. Allegra Huston's memoir glimmers with triumphant wisdom. She has, above all, a great conscience, understanding that it is only what is mysterious that survives." -- Susanna Moore, author of The Big Girls and In the Cut
"I was entranced by Love Child, Allegra Huston's irresistible memoir...fluent, vivid and gripping." -- Caryn James, The Huffington Post
"A stunning and unusual memoir...this is simply a wonderful book -- part mystery, part journey, part heartbreak." -- Liz Smith, Variety
"Few autobiographical writers have such dizzying tales to tell...fascinating." --Janet Maslin, The New York Times
"Extraordinary...[Huston] is an absolutely outstanding writer, incapable of writing a dull sentence." -- Lynn Barber, Telegraph (UK)
"As an adult, [Huston] realized how special her circumstances were.... [Love Child is] a memoir about her nomadic, singular life." -- Susan King, Los Angeles Times
"Allegra Huston's tender, heartbreaking and utterly riveting account of life...Love Child is an extraordinary story, beautifully told. [A] near-flawless memoir." -- Miranda Seymour, The Daily Mail (UK)
"Allegra Huston's account of her extraordinary early years, with its numerous, generally painful revelations, excels at capturing a child's-eye view of the chaotic adult world...scrupulously honest...wonderful." -- Christopher Hart, The Sunday Times (UK)
"You will not read anything so sublimely felt and exquisitely written in a good many years...It's a highly satisfying moral tale and a surpassing delight to read." -- Melik Kaylan, Forbes.com
"Skillfully written and rich with personal detail, this is a tumultuous story of loss, healing, and redemption." -- Larry Cox, The Tucson Citizen

ISBN:  9781416551584