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Body Surfing : A Novel
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Body Surfing : A Novel

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Body Surfing
Author(s): Dale Peck

In upstate New York, best friends Q and Jasper live typical high school lives filled with parties and girls. When Q starts acting recklessly, defacing lockers and misusing Bunsen burners, Jasper thinks his buddy is just letting off steam. But when his actions put both of their lives in danger, it’s clear that Q is possessed by something far more sinister than mere teenage high spirits.
Meanwhile, halfway around the world in Khartoum, Ileana Magdalen is tracking an elusive man who has left a trail of blood and bodies behind him, bringing strife, war, and genocide wherever he goes. It is Ileana’s mission to stop him, for she is a member of an elite group of hunters who search for a mystery that plagues humanity and drives men and women to commit unspeakable crimes.
Body Surfing is a mesmerizing and imaginative tale that creates a complete parallel universe filled with shockingly dark corners where the secrets of human nature wait to be discovered.

"To witches, werewolves, and vampires, Dale Peck has added a new member of the supernatural bestiary: the Mogran. Like the best monsters, the Mogran exist just at the edge of the possible, growing out of the collective unconscious in a way that'll have you second-guessing every fantasy and nightmare you've ever had. Sexy, savage, and thought-provoking, Body Surfing is an intense, unsettling trip into a strange new world -- one that just happens to look a lot like the one we already live in." -- Tim Kring, creator of Heroes
"Ambitious, daring, and wholly original." -- Chuck Hogan, bestselling author of The Standoff and Prince of Thieves

ISBN:  9781416576167