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Bad Traffic : A Novel

Bad Traffic : A Novel

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Bad Traffic
Author(s): Simon Lewis

In this "GREASED-LIGHTNING" crime debut (Kirkus Reviews), Simon Lewis has created two unforgettable characters and a critically acclaimed novel that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

Inspector Jian is a corrupt Chinese cop who thinks he’s seen it all. But his search for his missing daughter takes him to the meanest streets he’s ever faced—in rural England.

Migrant worker Ding Ming is distressed—his gang master is making demands, he owes a lot of money to the snakeheads, and no one will tell him where his wife has been taken. Maybe England isn’t the Gold Mountain he was promised.

Two desperate men, lost in a baffling foreign land, are pitted against a ruthless band of human traffickers in this breath-taking thriller.

“An outstanding thriller debut. . . . Bad Traffic is a rabbit-hole that a reader is literally sucked into, its fast pace and staccato style a preliminary enticement to deeper insights into the changing nature of Chinese mores.”—Sarah Weinman, Los Angeles Times
“An offbeat and delightful novel . . . Lewis’s narrative is fast-moving and flawless. . . . A number of exceptionally literate thrillers have arrived this year from abroad. . . . Bad Traffic ranks with the best of them. My advice is to get in on the ground floor.”—Washington Post
“Simon Lewis shows the plight of desperate refugees and the pure malice of those who exploit them without telling a story so depressing no one would want to visit it. Jam-packed with offbeat humor, [Bad Traffic] is a cultural odyssey in a shrinking world.”—Rocky Mountain News
“A rip-roaring action tale . . . Lewis doesn’t miss a beat.”—Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

ISBN:  9781416596042