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Formerly Fingerman : A Novel
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Formerly Fingerman : A Novel

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Formerly Fingerman
Author(s): Joe Nelms

"[A] delightful read--Joe Nelms is a talent to watch!" --W. Bruce Cameron, author of The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man

"A smart mix of humor and humanity... An energy drink for the funny bone." --Jane Wagner, author of The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Brad Fingerman was an art director in the glamorous world of New York advertising. He had the respect of his peers, a beautiful wife, and a bright future. That is, his future was bright before he spectacularly nuked his career, discovered his wife's infidelity, and witnessed a high-profile Mafia hit in a Midtown elevator. Now Brad's unemployed, divorced, and the government's key witness in a major murder trial.

Except Brad didn't actually see the murder.

So Brad lied, joined the Witness Protection Program, and entrusted his new identity to an FBI agent with her career on the make and a frighteningly committed bodyguard. Now he has to fake his way through the trial of the century and try to reassemble a meaningful life as his fellow witnesses are methodically assassinated.

"This tautly paced, very witty novel will delight anyone intrigued by the chance to start over."

"Formerly Fingerman is one of the funniest books I've read in years... Christopher Moore fans will love this book." 
"Joey Nelms and I performed comedy together in New York City in early 90s. Joe has now gone from being a guy who recommends great books to a guy who writes them. This new one moves brilliantly through a world he lived in and one he created. Plus, it's hilarious. So please enjoy the rantings of this genius lunatic. My old friend, Joe."
"A smart mix of humor and humanity in the spirit of John Kennedy Toole and Douglas Adams. If A Confederacy Of Dunces and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy had a baby, it would be best friends with Formerly Fingerman."
"Riveting, hilarious and strangely moving, this novel will catch you from the first sentence, and keep you caught until it lets you go, spent and wiser. From the first sentence, Fingerman yells in your ear, "Make me into a movie!!!" Nelms has a unique style all his own, modern, terse, yet completely complete. Nothing is left out, nothing is overlooked, and everything is observed with the eye of a master. This is a writer to watch. He's going all the places you want to be."
"Formerly Fingerman...is an amusing comic thriller." 

ISBN:  9781440581700