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Eye of the Moon

Eye of the Moon

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Eye of the Moon
Author(s): Dianne Hofmeyr

Isikara and her father tend the sacred crocodiles and assist at mummifications of both humans and animals. One day, they are ordered to a tomb. Two bodies are waiting for them--Queen Tiy and her eldest son, Tuthmosis. Tuthmosis has been poisoned but is clinging to life. With no time to spare, Isikara rescues the young prince and runs away with him. The pair find themselves on a journey across Egypt, searching for allies who will help Tuthmosis regain his throne. Their travels lead them along the Nile, across the desert, and through bustling market towns. All the while they must avoid their pursuers, the High Priests who wish to silence them. But there are dangers in the desert and all around. Who can they trust? And where will their adventure lead them?

In this gripping tale, published for the first time in the U.S., author Dianne Hofmeyr spins a web of intrigue, mystery and adventure, woven throughout with fascinating historical details about Ancient Egypt.

"The landscape that flows by them as they make their way along the Nile and through the desert is described in rich sensory terms... Weapons, household items, pottery, and clothing known only to readers from tomb paintings or as faded museum objects are here given weight, color, and utility...the action comes together in the novel’s third act, when Isikara and Tuthmosis join forces with a runaway Nubian slave and ally themselves with Egypt’s rivals, the Kushites.–Paula Willey, Baltimore County Public Library, Towson, MD

SLJ, August, 2011
"Writing like this allows the reader to seamlessly become a part of that world without having to understand every bit of it...The story is fast paced, but I was still allowed to get a sense of the characters. Overall a great read, and I look forward to an upcoming second book."
--Kiss the Book, Stephanie MLS graduate
"Packed with information about daily life in ancient Egypt, this tale full of murder, intrigue, and adventure will be sure to appeal."

- Library Media Connection, November/December 2011

ISBN:  9781442411883