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Abide with Me : A Novel
Simon & Schuster

Abide with Me : A Novel

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Abide with Me
Author(s): Sabin Willett

In this novel inspired by Wuthering Heights, a small town bad boy forged by the fires of Afghanistan returns home, still burning with a romantic obsession nothing can quench.

A small-town bad boy, forged into a man in the fires of Afghanistan, returns home, still burning with a romantic obsession nothing can quench.

As the fog lifts one morning, a lone soldier is walking home. Who is he? The sleepy, gossipy town of Hoosick Bridge, Vermont, has forgotten him, but it will soon remember. He is Roy Murphy, returning to face his violent, complicated reputation. Returning to Emma Herrick, descendant of Hoosick Bridge’s first family, who occupies its grandest, now decaying, house: the Heights.

Their intense and unlikely adolescent romance provided scandalous gossip for the town. The young lovers escaped Hoosick Bridge, but Emma remained Roy’s obsession long after they parted. Now Roy returns from Afghanistan a changed and extraordinary man who will stop at nothing to obtain a piece of the Herricks’ legacy.

“The insights and skill of the author, a Guantanamo Bay defense attorney, make Abide worth a read.”
“In their unsettling romance that crosses small town social lines as well as the oceans and continents between Vermont and Afghanistan, the lovers at the core of Abide with Me strip away all that is unnecessary as they seek the essence of true love: it may stumble, but it will always survive. Sabin Willett has written a passionate, gripping novel of modern tragedy and timeless love.”—Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain
“Sabin Willett mines his settings of Afghanistan and smalltown New England with equal gusto. Abide with Me is a big, generous, tasty, funny, rich novel.”—Stewart O'Nan, author of The Odds: A Love Story
“Terrific . . . Here’s a classic love story brought up to date. And it’s a page turner, a fine example of the smart and moving fiction we all crave.”
“Hewn from the same emotional landscape as Wuthering Heights, Abide with Me pulses with the dark pain of lost love and obsession. In prose that glints and sparks like gunfire, Sabin Willett makes Roy Murphy a dangerously compelling 21st century Heathcliff, the haunted, driven boy from nowhere who returns battle-hardened from war in Afghanistan to stake his claim on the one who got away.”—Deborah Lawrenson, author of The Lantern
"Willet's reinterpretation of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights adds a fresh contemporary take to a classic love story."
“Fiercely authentic . . . Masterfully blending small-town gossip with the inner obsessions of a quiet veteran . . . this is a compelling read."
"A darkly compelling and unsettling romance...gutsy and occasionall lyrical...An unforgettable character. An unforgetable book."
“The story captivates the reader with authentic characters whose humanity radiates through their personal triumphs and tragedies.”
“Extremely well crafted . . . a transfixing book . . . not only resplendent in love but in suffering as well. If you haven’t read Wuthering Heights, this makes no difference. One book can be enjoyed without the other, but if you do read both, you will see the modern day equivalent of a masterpiece of literature.”

ISBN:  9781451667028