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Ballroom Dance and Glamour : Dance and Glamour
Bloomsbury Visual Arts

Ballroom Dance and Glamour : Dance and Glamour

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Ballroom Dance and Glamour
Author(s): Jonathan S. Marion

As the continued success of Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing reveals, the appetite for ballroom remains insatiable around the world. Ballroom Dance and Glamour offers a fascinating window into the global phenomenon of competitive dance. Including vibrant photographs and commentary, this book showcases the extraordinary costumes, glamorous dancers and elegance of the sport.

Based on years of research at international competitions, esteemed anthropologist, photographer and ballroom dancer Jonathan S. Marion provides a unique insight into this performance art, outlining the history and basics of ballroom and explaining its huge appeal today. Offering a visual journey into the world of dance, Ballroom Dance and Glamour illuminates the beauty, skill, intensity and passion of this sport.

Written in a lively and accessible manner, Ballroom Dance and Glamour will delight all dancers, dance and fashion enthusiasts and anyone captivated by the skill and glamour of ballroom dance.


“This book is an accurate representation of the beauty and glamour we have come to know (and expect) in the world of ballroom dancing. Enjoy! ” —Nadia Eftedal, former US and British Open Professional Latin Champion

“In all my years in the ballroom dance industry I've never seen a photographer take so much pride in his work like Jonathan. His depth of knowledge shows so clearly in his photography, it's truly a must have for every dancer and dance lover alike. Jonathan's journey through pictures is as much enjoyable as educational. Two thumbs up! ” —Louis van Amstel, former US Professional Latin Champion, Amateur World Latin Champion, Dancing with the Stars pro and So You Think You Can Dance choreographer

“In these stunning images, Dr. Marion has chronicled hundreds of competitors through pictures, documenting the performance, emotions and grooming habits of ballroom dancers. Now, in Ballroom Dance and Glamour we see the culmination of all this expertise through a compilation of portraits that highlights the beauty, heart and soul of this world.” —Melissa Cyr, www.DanceSportPlace.com

“Jonathan Marion brings images to life to show the passion, athleticism, beauty and grace of dance. He has captured the most memorable moments of the greatest ballroom dancers in the world.” —Iveta Lukosiute, former US and World 10-Dance Champion, So You Think You Can Dance competitor and Strictly Come Dancing pro

“I loved Ballroom Dance and Glamour and the breath-taking journey that Jonathan's pictures took me on. The dancers featured in his book will be grateful that all those countless hours spent in rehearsal were worth it! Jonathan captures them for a glorious moment in time at the pinnacle of their excellence, highlighting the power and precision, athleticism and elegance that is required in this demanding sport.” —Toni Redpath, professional ballroom dance champion and choreographer, including on So You Think You Can Dance

ISBN:  9781472580733