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London : Second Edition
Osprey Games

London : Second Edition

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Author(s): Martin Wallace

Number of players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Play time: 60-90 minutes
Components: Development board, 101 City cards, 20 oversized Borough cards, 4 score markers, 48 coin tokens, 32 poverty tokens, 12 loan tokens

From acclaimed designer Martin Wallace and the team at Osprey Games comes London: Second Edition.

After the devastation of the great fire, many competing developers want to see their vision for the city realised. Will you combat poverty and increase employment, building iconic monuments as a testament to your ingenuity, or simply make the trains run on time?

Grow your city through the decades, as you vie to become an icon of London.


"London is still a phenomenal game, it’s still one of my favorite card games of all time, still one of my favorite engine building games of all time, and for my money I’d say it’s even better now with these particular new additions." - Rahdo Runs Through

"A few years ago London was in my top 20 of all time, at around 15 or 16. This would push it up the list for sure. . . . It’s a little more strategic, a little more interactive . . . a definite improvement." - Drive Thru Review

"This game is fantastic . . . If you like card driven games, if you like tableau builders . . . definitely check this one out. It's really cool." - Every Night is Game Night

"A really great re-doing of the game" - Tom Vasal, The Dice Tower

"You're going to get a lot of plays from [London]..." - Drive Thru Review

"I can't wait to play again." - Rolling Dice & Taking Names

"I've played it three times now and really liked it." - The Board Game Show

"I can’t shake the feeling of this game being (or becoming) a classic. It may already be a classic in the minds of Martin Wallace fans, of which I am one." - The Board Game Show

"The improvements they made certainly made it better." - Drive Thru Review

"...if you’ve any interest at all in a Martin Wallace design, or want to play a fascinating game that’s great thematically and practically, look no further. London has it all." - Geeks Under Grace

"Couple approved! Just as much fun with two as it is with three or four." - Married with Board Games

"If you like Martin Wallace games, this is as Martin Wallacey as the best of them. If that’s what you came here for, then boom, be satiated dear reader, the heart of London remains." - Board Game Quest

"London is a wonderfully-complex web of decisions masquerading as a simple engine-builder, and for that I love it." - GeekDad

ISBN:  9781472822222