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Osprey Games

Wildlands : Four-player core set

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Author(s): Martin Wallace

The great Darkness has fallen, and the Empire with it.
The arcane crystals which once powered entire cities were shattered, and the Darkness was destroyed by the magics unleashed. All that remains are the lawless ruins known as the Wildlands, and the shards of the crystals that have been strewn across them. Now a few souls, the brave and the desperate, seek the shards to harness their power for their own ends.
Take control of one of four factions, from the spell-slinging Mages' Guild or the nimble Gnomads to the versatile Lawbringers or the hard-hitting Pit Fighters. Each brings their own playstyle, with unique decks of action cards determining their abilities on the battlefield, so plan your tactics carefully. Dash through the ruins to grab the crystals you so desperately desire or focus your efforts on taking out the opposition--but take care, danger may be lurking in the darkness...

In the Wildlands, opportunity awaits...if you fight for it.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes
Contents: 20 Unique Miniatures, 20 Character Cards, 120 Action Cards, 42 Battlefield Cards, Double-Sided Playing Board, Counters & Tokens


“I love that this game has streamlined mechanisms, [but] even with the streamlined way of playing, the game has a lot of depth.” —Game Boy Geek

“With its awesome miniatures and incredibly fun gameplay, Wildlands would make a great gift for your favorite board game-loving nerd.” —Nerd Much

“The figures in Wildlands are ridiculously great.” —Nerd Much

“I like the theme. I like the look of the minis. I like the way this is packaged. I'm impressed. This is a nice big box production from Osprey Games.” —The Dice Tower

"[Wildlands] creates some seriously dramatic moments, but it does so with an absolute minimum of complexity, making this about the most intuitive miniatures battle game you can imagine." - Ars Cardboard / Ars Technica

"A really solid cool little game. Just really fun! Dice Tower judgment: Excellent!" - Dice Tower

"Great strategies come out once you learn the deck." - Nersi Games

"An extraordinary good quality game." - Phil's Picks

"The figures are complex and interesting enough to attract players who like painting miniatures. Some raise interesting issues, like "what DO you call a female minotaur," but they’re still great figures. ICv2 Rating: 4 Stars out of 5." - ICv2

"Whether you're looking for a quick hit of combat or a battle game you can get into for the long haul, Wildlands is an impressive achievement." - Ars Cardboard / Ars Technica

"#1 on the Top 10 Board & Card Game List" - Golden Distribution

"This game is a blast to play! . . . Fast, simple, fun. Great components. I really like it." - The Dice Tower

"Wildlands is a great way to introduce timid newbies to the world of fantasy miniature gaming and light dungeon delving." - Boing Boing

"What is most impressive is that Wildlands conjures so much action and drama with so little mechanical clunkiness. Everything in the game revolves around simple sets of symbols on cards, and it combines real tactical depth with pick-up-and-play simplicity." - The Guardian

"A surprising skirmish board game unlike any other." - Geek & Sundry

"Martin Wallace's Wildlands, released last year, was a big hit. And for good reason. It is a fantastic card-driven dungeon-delving boardgame with lovely ink-washed minis and very satisfying gameplay." - Boing Boing

"This is a load of fun. I already like Wildlands, having more stuff for the game is, of course, excellent." - The Dice Tower with Tom Vasel

ISBN:  9781472826954