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Where the Magic Happens : How a Young Family Changed Their Lives and Sailed Around the World
Adlard Coles

Where the Magic Happens : How a Young Family Changed Their Lives and Sailed Around the World

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Where the Magic Happens
Author(s): Caspar Craven

The Craven family's inspirational story of their momentous two-year round-the-world sailing trip and how they did it--the vision, the planning, the highs and lows, the teamwork, and ultimately, the adventure of a lifetime.

One night when their children were still in diapers, Caspar and Nichola Craven hatched a plan to sail around the world as a family. Most people thought they were crazy. But in the years that followed they embraced every moment of this transformative chapter of their lives. Five years of planning--the vision, the values, the practicalities, the realities, the excitement, the highs, the lows and the seemingly adventure-stopping obstacles--led to two wonderful years of living their dream of sailing the world--full of moments both magical and scary--enjoying life and learning and growing as a family.

This is one family’s story. It’s also a story of a fabulous sailing adventure and an inspirational tale for all those wishing they could do the same; it’s a practical guide to show you just how you can make it happen; it’s a motivational story of leadership and teamwork within a family; and it’s a funny, heart-warming tale of slightly unconventional family life. The fascinating narrative of the Craven family is accompanied by useful text features such as tip boxes, sidebars, and chapter summaries, so that the reader can easily extrapolate the necessary nuggets about how they can make the dream a reality.


"Incredibly motivating" - Ranulph Fiennes

"A fabulous sailing adventure but also a practical guide to show how you too can make change happen. It makes you question, in a good way, if you really are living your life to its fullest potential." - Twist Travel Magazine

"Part inspiring family narrative, part practical guide to living out your wildest dreams, this heart-warming adventure is a can’t miss title—whether you’re undertaking an adventure on the high seas, parenting young children or just looking for some help to make your own dreams a reality." - Yachting Times

"I highly recommend this book if you love adventure, real and honest stories, and to help you think about family travel in a different way." - Momma To Go

"an engaging account ... a must-read" - Book of the Month, Boat International

"an inspirational read ... a great bedside book" - Countryside magazine

"Where the Magic Happens is a masterpiece. It’s an incredible personal development and business book all told through the lens of a gripping real life transformation and adventure story. I’m personally fascinated by people who do inspiring things. Caspar and his family share their amazing journey as they transform their business, relationship, family and life to make their seemingly impossible adventure a reality. This book needs to be made into a film." - Dr. John Demartini

"It’s a great story and the book is really really good. I was so impressed. It’s brilliant." - Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2

"If you want a blueprint for “no excuses” and making things happen, this book is a must read. Caspar’s book is a gripping real life story of transformation packed with practical advice for your own journey. The magic truly happens outside your comfort zone." - Joe De Sena, CEO and Founder of Spartan Race

"Caspar’s story is one of the most inspiring modern tales of normal people setting insane goals and then actually making it happen. For anyone who is unhappy with their current life or who has let their laundry list of incredibly valid excuses stop them from achieving their dreams, this book is a must read." - Tom Bilyeu, Co-founder and host of Impact Theory and Co-founder of Quest Nutrition

"[T]his is a well-written, captivating account of how an organized young family pulls off a life-changing adventure." - The Ensign

ISBN:  9781472949912