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Checking Out : What the Rise of the Sharing Economy Means for the Future of the Hotel Industry
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Checking Out : What the Rise of the Sharing Economy Means for the Future of the Hotel Industry

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Checking Out
Author(s): Katherine Doggrell

An industry insider's look at how the world's hospitality sector is addressing new challengers, such as the rise of Airbnb, and how it is reinventing itself for a new age of hospitality in an online world of sharing communities.

One of the world's most established professions--the hotel sector--is under increasing pressure on two fronts: from disruptors in the sharing economy (notably Airbnb), and a rising wave of consumers being re-educated about the meaning of hospitality (through sites such as Trivago, Hotels.com and TripAdvisor). But can this traditionally slow-moving sector reinvigorate itself or will it find itself increasingly marginalized? Can the hotel sector find the resources to fight back?

Increasing numbers of hoteliers believe so – many of whom have been interviewed in depth for this new book. Chains are adding sharing to their global portfolios, and curation and personalization continue to be major weapons in the war against Airbnb.

The new age of hospitality is no longer about traditional models of service: hotel guests now prize fast wifi and mobile check-ins above access to indifferent room service. The message now is about the 'experience', both in terms of seeing something new but also easing the friction points in transactions. Loyalty and reward programs are still a key factor for chains, but many hotel groups are also starting to experiment on ways in which they can integrate more fully into the communities that surround them.

The End of Hospitality? focuses on a sector that is under pressure from challenges beyond anything it has faced in the past, and takes a new and in-depth look at the strategies being employed by its leaders and innovators. The book will feature interviews with CEOs and key influencers at the very heart of the hospitality industry, who will be talking in detail about how they plan to address the issues and what the sector might look like in another 10 or 20 years.


“Katherine Doggrell analyses the struggles for market between hotels, the sharing economy and the online travel agents in a lively way. For us business folk who just use the beds but work in the many industries about to be disrupted by the impact of AI, FinTech, climate change or variants of the sharing economy, the lessons are numerous.” —Mark Moody-Stuart, former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and Anglo American Plc, author of 'Responsible Leadership'

“An excellent analysis of why Airbnb and the sharing economy has made such inroads into the traditional hotel market. Katherine Doggrell delivers a punchy wake-up call to the chains who treat guests as a mere commodity.” —Ruth Watson, hotelier, broadcaster and food writer

“In the style of Brad Stone's The Everything Store, Checking Out provides readers with a well-researched and insightful deep-dive into the development of the sharing economy and in particular how it affects the hospitality sector. Doggrell's investigative style helps highlight issues and perspectives hitherto less visible, making this an essential read for anyone wanting to truly understand the future of the hotel sector.” —Peter O'Connor, Professor at ESSEC Business School and author of 'Reviewed'

“I really enjoyed reading this book, Katherine's writing style is wonderful, particularly the way she brings in humour into an insightful journey through the rise of the sharing economy and its impact on the hotel industry. Anyone who can bring references to Prince and Cricket whilst being informative at the same time gets my vote!” —Will Hawkley, Global Head of Leisure & Hospitality, KPMG

Checking Out expertly analyses the threat of the sharing economy, and what the traditional hospitality sector can do to survive. I have always enjoyed Katherine's writing style, and she is one of the leading commentators on the hospitality and leisure sector. This book is a must-read for those linked to the industry who wish to remain ahead of the game - or for those that simply appreciate a good book!” —Tim Helliwell, Head of Hotels, Barclays Bank

ISBN:  9781472968722