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Author(s): Kathryn Jensen

From the acclaimed author of Sing to Me, Saigon, comes a look into the lives of two couples in this story of friends and lovers over the stretch of three decades as they make their way in a world of lost innocence, shared passion, and potential betrayal.

When her best friend Caroline Nesbit introduced her to a young naval officer, vivacious Amanda Weitzer, a dancer hungry for love, thought she had found her prince, but his heated embrace holds secrets she discovered too late.

After passing the dashing Navy Lieutenant off to her best friend, Caroline thinks she has it made once she weds Frank Donnelly, a career diplomat that gives her a world of privilege. But for a woman obsessed with power, temptation was only a stolen kiss away…​

Frank believed a stunning trophy like Caroline would bring success, but when his battle to save their dying marriage threatens to shatter him, the kindness of an old friend touches him like no woman has done before.

Knowing she is simply a consolation prize from Caroline after she dismissed him for Frank, Naval Lieutenant Robert Allen thought Amanda could still make a respectable wife… But when the appetite of a seaman is not satisfied by a woman full of dreams and asking for babies, admiration and respect may not be enough for him.

In an era of loss innocence, rebellion, and revolution… Vietnam and Afghanistan… these friends and lovers are drawn together by their own unrest. Bitter rivals and trusted confidantes, ill-starred lovers and lifelong friends… The fate of these couples is forever intertwined between their shared passion and risked betrayals.


ISBN:  9781476728117