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My Therapist Told Me to Journal : A Creative Mental Health Workbook

My Therapist Told Me to Journal : A Creative Mental Health Workbook

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My Therapist Told Me to Journal
Author(s): Holly Chisholm

Write that sh*t down!

Keep anxiety and depression in check with tons of totally doable mental health tips and techniques included here. You'll find some silly things, some serious things, some resources and exercises
oh, and a whole page of STICKERS to use throughout your journal. 

The author HATES journaling. This is the journal she wishes she had had when first starting out in therapy.

From the creator of Just Peachy Comics, this interactive self-care book uses journaling, drawing, and goal-tracking to help improve the user's overall mental health and well-being. The journal will introduce you to a variety of therapy practices such as CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) and EMDR. It will also illustrate the author's “dot method” of goal tracking to help reduce anxiety.

These inviting pages include checklists, doodle boxes, gratitude prompts, goal pages, supportive characters, encouragement, resources on how to get through anxiety attacks, and more. This is a journal for anyone feeling down, looking for some extra support, or just trying to stay positive and practice daily self-care. 

Praise for Just Peachy: Comics About Depression, Anxiety, Love, and Finding the Humor in Being Sad

"Chisholm’s graphic memoir about her battle to overcome panic and gloom is told with an almost adorably cute sadness . . . This is a sweet-natured, guardedly optimistic handbook for working through the bad times with an occasional well-earned laugh." —Publishers Weekly

"Just Peachy offers a delightful commiseration on the human condition. It is cheerfully conspiratorial for those who share the author's plight. It laughs in the face of existential dread. A scrumptious treat made by a confectioner of emotional distress.​" —Emily Niland & Coree Spencer, authors of I'm Not Okay, You're Not Okay

“So brave of Holly Chisholm to share her struggles with mental health issues through this creative medium. Just Peachy will inspire others to connect to, navigate through, and recover from their own day-to-day trials and tribulations of living with a mental illness. Well done!” —Dr. Carlin Barnes and Dr. Marketa Wills, authors of Understanding Mental Illness and founders of Healthy Mind MDs

"A compilation of comics filled with cute drawings and funny expressions. Just Peachy offers an honest and courageous view into vulnerable topics that are sure to resonate with readers." —Dante Fabiero, author of Slothilda: Living the Sloth Life

"In this autobiographical collection of thoughtful and poignant comic vignettes, Chisholm explores her experiences with depression, anxiety, and love . . . This graphic novel will provide comfort and information to both those who are dealing with similar issues or those who know someone who is." —Booklist

ISBN:  9781510761124