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Everybody Has a Belly Button
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Everybody Has a Belly Button

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Everybody Has a Belly Button
Author(s): Cerina Vincent

Everybody has a bellybutton,
Everybody has a nose,
Everybody has a mouth,
Everybody has toes.
Everybody has hair . . .
Some have black or brown or blonde or red,
Some have gray or silver on their head.
The different colors all aglow . . .
Make everybody special, like a rainbow.

Everybody Has a Belly Button is a timeless and delightful book for babies and toddlers that teaches our youngest readers about skin color, equality, and equity in the same way we teach our babies to find their belly button, nose, eyes, and toes.

Cerina Vincent's effortless rhymes and Zoi Hunter's digital watercolor designs illustrate that “every body” is the same. And the subtle differences in our bodies’ colors (eyes, hair, skin) is what makes us all beautiful and special, “like a rainbow.”

Babies learn through rhyme—it boosts brain activity and early literacy—and Everybody Has a Belly Button starts the conversation about racial equality immediately while also tenderly pointing out their other tiny body parts.

“A sweet reminder of the beauty in our differences and our sameness, for the readers and the little ones who are listening to and learning from our words and examples.” —Aiva Romm MD, author of Naturally Healthy Babies and Children
“Finally, a book that celebrates our differences and highlights our similarities! In a world where an ‘us against them’ mentality dominates, this book is a must-have for every home and every classroom. This book is a critical stepping stone for world peace and love!” —Madiha Saeed, MD, physician, bestselling author of The Holistic Rx for Kids and Adam’s Healing Adventure Series, speaker, podcast creator of The Holistic Kids Show
“Cerina and Zoi have created a book to remind us of how much we have in common. In a world divided by race, religion, and politics, this book so beautifully brings us back to the essence of what makes us human and what makes life really matter: our connections with one another.” —Sheila Kilbane, MD, Integrative Pediatrics, and bestselling author of Healthy Kids, Happy Moms
"Sometimes the simplest things in life prove to be the most profound. This book helps kids of all ages embrace our rainbow of ethnicities, backgrounds, and beliefs because the differences make us special, but the similarities keep us connected." —Kanika Chadda Gupta, journalist and podcast host of That's Total Momsense
“In a world that is far too often divided, this wonderful children’s book reminds us to cherish our differences and celebrate our similarities. At the end of the day, we all have a belly button.” —Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh MD, Integrative Pediatrics, host of Raising Amazing Podcast
“I love the simple and beautiful way this book treasures the uniqueness of each child and celebrates the diversity of each family. Such an important principle to teach children at a young age.” —Manasa Mantravadi MD, pediatrician, founder/CEO Ahimsa Home
“Cerina Vincent reaches for your heart! A sweet story celebrating our diversity with incredible illustrations to match.” —Molly Dresner, author of You're So Nice, Baby
“The book that all young children need to make the world the world we want! Get it for your special one now!” —Dee Wallace, actress (ET), life coach, author of Bright Light
Everybody Has a Belly Button is a vibrant and simple celebration of what it is to be human. It's the perfect and necessary addition to books for our little ones, starting the conversation of race and skin color in an easy and beautiful way. Every page of this book shines with the bright spirits of its author and illustrator. Bravo!” —Elisa Donovan, actress (Clueless), author of Wake Me When You Leave
“This book is soooooo cute!! Brought tears to my eyes. It's a fun, practical, and interactive discussion starter about celebrating our friends’ differences and our unity.” —Kelly Stables, actress (Superstore, Two and a Half Men)
Everybody Has a Belly Button is the gift I will be buying for every new parent in my life. The poetry is clever, but digestible; the imagery is beautiful, and the value I’m most concerned with instilling in my child—equality—is the underlying lesson. How to talk to my baby about race and gender and all of our many differences is constantly on my mind, and this book helps start the conversation from the very beginning, with the simplest, most undeniable message of all—everybody has a belly button.” —Annika Marks, actress (The Sessions, Killing Eleanor) and writer
“We must raise our children to know that we are all wonderful in our own unique ways and we are to all be celebrated, and cherished. This book does just that! Will be a staple in our library!” —Hunter McGrady, Sports Illustrated Plus Size Swimsuit model, host of The Model Citizen Podcast, founder of All Worthy on QVC
“Cerina Vincent and illustrator Zoi Hunter do an amazing job of bridging the gap of racial differences so that children learn to look at one’s heart, not complexion.” —Nakia Burrise, actress (Danger Force, Power Rangers)
“This is a super-duper sweet, perfect little baby/toddler book. Once of those books that help us raise good, caring, loving little people." —Joe Nieves, actor (How I Met Your Mother, Stuck in the Middle)
“In a world that feels so divided, this is an essential book to teach children the beauty of our differences, and what unites us.” —Catherine Sutherland, actress (The Cell, Power Rangers)

ISBN:  9781510767386