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Passione : Simple, Seductive Recipes for Lovers of Italian Food
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Passione : Simple, Seductive Recipes for Lovers of Italian Food

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Author(s): Gennaro Contaldo

A NEW BOOK FROM THE ITALIAN LEGEND WHO TAUGHT JAMIE OLIVER ALL HE KNOWS ABOUT ITALIAN COOKING -- Born just feet away from the sea on Italy’s stunning Amalfi coast, chef, food writer, TV personality, and restaurateur Gennaro Contaldo learned from his parents how to seek out wild food—free-diving for oysters, foraging for wild mushrooms, and missing school to go fishing. This adventurous spirit lived on throughout Gennaro’s career in food and was what went on to inspire Jamie Oliver to call Gennaro his “London dad.” It was summed up here in this first, glorious collection of his favorite Italian recipes. This cookbook features photographs from Gennaro’s childhood, alongside stunning food and travel photography. Over 100 recipes, and delightful personal recollections, share the secrets of Gennaro’s love affair with Italian food and will inspire cooks of all abilities to taste the true flavors of the Italian coastline. Buon appetito!

"There are never enough cookbooks that capture the thrills of growing up with family and foods. Italian master-chef Contaldo (Panetteria: Gennaro's Italian Bakery, 2016), who famously taught Jamie Oliver to cook Italian, recounts his childhood in exquisite detail, matching his recollections (and some elegant sepia and black-and-white photographs) to the subject on point. In 'Pesce' (fish and shellfish), it's the story of catching the biggest tuna ever: 'The sea was part of me and I mastered the art of reading it.' The chapter 'Carne' (meat) touches on his pet goat- and the sad ending at Easter time. Tales, in fact, infuse all of Contaldo's over 100 recipes, whether in the upfront introduction or an occasional page or two aside. It is through this narrative and the dishes that his cooking style shines: fresh, laden with olive oil and herbs, simply prepared. It will be no surprise to experienced home chefs to encounter grilled polenta, steamed meatballs, fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce. Artfully arranged photographs and some well-worn and much-needed tips round out what will soon be an oft-referred-to classic."
Chef and TV presenter Contaldo (Gennaro's Italian Bakery), a mentor to Jamie Oliver, shares childhood memories and favorite Italian recipes in this U.S. edition of Gennaro's Passione. Chapters on soups, pastas, meat, fish, vegetables, and more are filled with pleasing food and travel photography and a wide range of rustic dishes (e.g., grilled lamb chops filled with prosciutto and herbs, hake salad with green beans and salsa verde, carpaccio of smoked mozzarella, Amalfi lemon tart). Most recipes are approachable, though a few require time and elbow grease; get ready to stir polenta for 30- 40 minutes. -VERDICT This appetizing Italian cookbook will appeal to readers who enjoy leisurely, from-scratch cooking and fresh seasonal ingredients.
Raised in a village on Italy's inspiring Amalfi Coast, Contaldo developed a passion for good food early, and that passion has translated into a successful career as a chef-he owns London's Passione restaurant and has appeared several times on Naked Chef with Jamie Oliver. In this pretty, rustic cookbook, Contaldo offers recipes for fresh, traditional, regional Italian dishes such as Risotto con Piselli, Fave e Zucchini (Risotto with Fresh Peas, Broad Beans, and Squash) and Petti di Pollo con Limone e Timo (Chicken Breasts with Lemon and Thyme). The recipes exude an earthy appeal, as do the book's colorful photographs of food. Strategically placed explanations of standard Italian foods, such as a description of favorite preserved meats, are helpful to Italian cooking neophytes, while anecdotes from the author's childhood in Italy-along with antique and current photos of life on the Amalfi Coast-make this an enjoyable read from cover to cover.

ISBN:  9781566560276