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Minnesota (On the Road Histories) : On-the-Road Histories
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Minnesota (On the Road Histories) : On-the-Road Histories

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Minnesota (On the Road Histories)
Author(s): John Radzilowski

Minnesota is many landscapes, but none of them fully define her. And where is it, exactly? Easterners see it as part of the West, Westerners as part of the East. Minnesotans often split the difference and call their home "the Upper Midwest." Everyone, save Canadians, agrees that it is in the North. To be sure, winter is both a trial and a point of perverse pride for natives. Minnesotans also take a more universally understood pride in their state’s quality of life; with its progressive political traditions, Minnesota always ranks high in national rankings that consider the environment, economic well-being, thriving arts communities, health, and education. In Minnesota, John Radzilowski explores the history of the peoples—native Americans, Norwegian, Swedish, French Canadian, German, Irish, Finnish, Polish, and more who have made the state what it is today. He explores the rich and distinct cultural histories of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as "outstate" Minnesota, the largely rural land beyond the sprawling metro area.

"Politically, culturally, geographically, and historically, Minnesota is unique. Fortunately, Interlink's latest entry in its "On-the-Road-Histories" does the North Star State justice. Radzilowksi, a Minnesota native and historian, sprinkles his text with maps, photographs, cultural highlights, and events, and enhances the text with poems, songs, and interesting quotations... Radzilowski doesn't ignore the negative, describing a 1920 lynching and the many injustices endured by the state's Native Americans. But he points out that the state is also rich in sons and daughters: Walter Mondale, Hubert H. Humphrey, Judy Garland, and Prince, to name just a few. This slender and compact book is easy to use; the colored boxes emphasize must-see sights, including contact information and location, while the excellent photos can be touching... Essential for all libraries."
"John Radzilowski is a Minnesota native, writer and historian. He therefore brings a special expertise to Minnesota: On-The-Road, a panoramic survey of the cultural, historical, and geographic aspects of a surprisingly multi-ethnic upper Midwest state which always ranked high with respect to the environmental, the economic well-being of its citizens, the arts, health, and education. Along with a lively account of Minnesota's history, Minnesota: On-the-Road is enhanced for the traveler with full-color and black/white archival and contemporary photographs and maps; a chronology of major events; "infobits" such as state symbols, songs, etc.; literary extracts; visitor resources and "must-see" sights; cultural highlights and special events; and a select bibliography. "Minnesota: On-the-Road" is recommended for on-site visitors and armchair travelers alike!"
"Minnesota is more than a cluster of metropolitan cities and a corridor of towns along the state's eastern border. Author and historian John Radzilowski understands that"this book is for people who are traveling; it's also for the people who live here" Interspersed among the text of the book are "must-see" sites"the historical photos, as well, are those not regularly found in publications... All in all it's a fresh and interesting look at our state- thanks to Razilowski's understanding of Minnesotans."
The 'Land of Ten Thousand lakes' has a vast history, beginning with the Indians as early as 2, 500 years ago. Since then it has developed into a land of farming, timber, iron ore, transportation, and manufacturing. Over ten different ethnic groups have made it their home. Radzilowski has provided a readable history of the state, beginning with its geological base to present day activities, accompanied by colorful photographs. The book includes a cultural and social history, as well as profiles of famous Minnesotans and lists of must-see sites. A chronology of major events is also included.
Radzilowski skillfully accomplishes the publisher's goal by providing a relatively brief overview of Minnesota's history from its geologic past to the twenty-first century. He is particularly insightful on the economic and social aspects of rural history and the contrast between the metropolitan and rural areas. Any writer of a short history has to make hard decisions about inclusion and exclusion... Radzilowski moves briskly from era to era. This unindexed book has two major special features. Interspersed throughout are highlighted boxes containing capsule information on 'Must-See Sites' and 'Famous Minnesotans.' This very readable book is highly recommended to on-the-road readers and anyone else who is interested in a quick survey of Minnesota's history.

ISBN:  9781566565677