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Orient Express : Fast Food from the Eastern Mediterranean
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Orient Express : Fast Food from the Eastern Mediterranean

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Orient Express
Author(s): Silvena Rowe

FOR BUSY COOKS WHO WANT A TOUCH OF THE LIGHT, BEAUTIFUL CUISINE OF THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN -- NEW IN PAPERBACK Following her acclaimed Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume, Silvena Rowe turns her focus to the delicious small dishes that you would find in the bustling street markets of Damascus or Istanbul —koftes, falafels and pilafs—as well as delicious desserts such as vanilla baklava, and chocolate and pistachio mousse. In this treasure trove of a book she presents 100 light, enticing new recipes, perfectly balanced for mezze-style summer meals. This is a cuisine both for celebrating and for sharing: Ottoman-inspired food based around stunning combinations of sweet and sour—honey and cinnamon, saffron and sumac—and given a brilliant modern twist by one of the most exciting chefs working today. Silvena Rowe has an encyclopedic knowledge of the foods and culinary traditions of the eastern Mediterranean. Her enthusiasm for the food of her heritage is evident on every page.

"Highly recommended for readers looking to explore new spices."
"Orient Express combines no-fuss, speedy recipes with unusual combinations that are showcased through fantastical sounding chapters-Emerald spice & Gold dust (Za'atar and Saffron), Fire & Noble Velvet (Chilli and cumin) to Exotic Perfume & Delicate fragrances (Cinnamon and flowers). These combinations of sweet and sour all pay homage to her Bulgarian and Turkish heritage and showcase flavour profiles to make your palate sing."
"...the inspiration for Orient Express came from the street foods of Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep, Beirut, Damascus and Aleppo. Each chapter is based on a coalescence of flavors. This structure enables one to combine a selection of diversely spiced dishes into an impressive banquet. Alternatively you could also serve a selection of one or two dishes with drinks. Either way Rowe's recipes are brilliant for entertaining family and friends."
"Orient Express presents recipes for small plates that are organized by key flavours and ingredients rather than course. In adapting the traditional recipes, Rowe used less fat and oil, changed the techniques slightly to suit today's home cooks, and shortened the cooking times. Rowe's enthusiasm for the region comes through both in conversation and on the pages of her books. She emphasizes that she focused on flavours in Orient Express because she finds them so evocative."
"Rowe's recipes are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat."
"The pages are so packed with Silvena's characteristic enthusiasm and irresistible passion, I defy anyone to resist."

ISBN:  9781566569330