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Earth Angels
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Earth Angels

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Earth Angels
Author(s): Susan Duke

Touches of Heaven Right Here on Earth

The best stories -- the ones that touch our hearts at their very cores, the ones that inspire us to our greatest heights -- are true stories of ordinary people just like ourselves. People who share a kind word in time of need, who do a simple deed that lifts a weary heart, who make a difference in a difficult day.

The stories in this book are not about great, winged celestial beings sent from heaven's majestic gates. No, these stories are about earth angels. The kind of angels who unknowingly intercept a suicide attempt through a gentle act of kindness, beam messages of hope over an old CB radio, or provide patient care in a duck suit.

As you read the stories in this book, your spirit will be inspired and the strings of your heart tuned to opportunities for you to be a little bit of heaven right here on earth.

"In a sea of inspirational titles comes Earth Angels: Stories of Heavenly Encouragement Through Earthly Vessels, which stands out for its heartwarming emphasis on ordinary people doing extraordinary things for others. In author Susan Duke's view, these individuals become answers to prayer, "earthly vessels" who help others to know of God's care for them. The stories are notable and refreshingly well-told." -- Publisher's Weekly
"Duke assembles a delightful collection of stories in Earth Angels. Each chapter expresses an individual's need for encouragement and how God used His people as 'earth angels' to provide the needed uplift.
The author chronicles tender stories filled with silly and serious actions that warm the heart, draw a chuckle, or prompt occasional tears. She stresses that a human's capacity to encourage comes not from his or her own goodness, but from God's compassion. A small act of encouragement, she says, is often the answer to someone's prayer.
Between chapters, Duke includes Bible verses, wise sayings. and 'Wing Tips' -- small bits of advice for giving encouragement. The story-per-chapter format makes reading this book easy to fit around daily activities.
Earth Angels would make a nice addition to a church lounge or a doctor's office. Recommend for readers who enjoy heartwarming stories."
-- Kim Peterson, Baker Academic

ISBN:  9781582295206