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Encouraging Your Child's Spiritual Intelligence
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Encouraging Your Child's Spiritual Intelligence

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Encouraging Your Child's Spiritual Intelligence
Author(s): Mollie Painton

More and more children are expressing spiritual qualities, and parents, caregivers, pediatricians, teachers, and therapists are increasingly taking notice of children's spiritual lives. Mollie Painton, Psy.D., a well-known child therapist, helps parents understand this phenomenon in the framework of spiritual intelligence. By understanding this concept, we can honor our children's gifts and develop our own spiritual intelligence along the way.

Any parent whose child has had an imaginary friend, talked with a deceased relative, or been receptive to the pain and emotion of others will find guidance and inspiration in Encouraging your Child's Spiritual Intelligence. Dr. Painton's thoughtful quizzes and advice provide added support and insight throughout the book. Adults, who have had their own spiritual experiences in childhood dismissed, will rediscover their original spiritual connection and become valuable spiritual partners with their children.

"Great reading for all parents of young children. The moving stories of spiritually gifted children are beyond words. An important book.
-- PegiJoy Jenkins, Ph.D.,author of Nurturing Spirituality in Children
"Encouraging Your Child's Spiritual Intelligence reveals a deeply sensitive aspect off how children evolve as spiritual beings through their own encounters with life's experiences and respectful nurturers."
-- Byron E, Norton, Ed. D., licensed psychologist and professor of child psychotherapy and play therapy
"Dr. Painton invites us to become familiar and comfortable with the spiritual intelligence of children. She encourages us to embrace their thoughts as we climb the Spiritual Tree of Life with them, exploring their insights on every branch."
-- Frank Werder, chaplain and Eucharistic minister

ISBN:  9781582701493