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Enlighten Up Card Deck
Beyond Words

Enlighten Up Card Deck

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Enlighten Up Card Deck
Author(s): Andrea Smith

Beautiful original art and simple words of encouragement to provide inspiration and motivation to guide you gently to a place of calm awareness.

Whatever inspiration you need in this moment, the Enlighten Up Card Deck will deliver the message you need right now. Thirty-four original paintings by renowned world-peace artist Andrea Smith, each a visual meditation unto itself, will transport you into a state of inner peace and awareness. Each piece of art is paired with a theme for you to contemplate, along with a deeper reflection in the accompanying guidebook.

Designed to be easy to use and to the point, the Enlighten Up Card Deck is infused with the intention for you to find stillness in your being and the answers you seek. Feel the light. Be enlightened. And enlighten up.

“Now we can take our daily dose of Enlighten Up with us! Andrea Smith has blessed us with her unique artistic style in her new Enlighten Up Card Deck featuring thirty-four aspects of our daily being from happiness to forgiveness, and from change and letting go to attitude and trust, and so much more. Her safe, wise-woman essence permeates each part of the deck. Thank you, Andrea, for your gift of insight, beauty, and love you so generously impart. You never cease to inspire and amaze.”
Enlighten Up Card Deck is gorgeous and inspiring. I’ve used the deck as source material for group sessions. I love the art on the cards, and Andrea Smith is a visionary. You’ll love this deck!”
“Andrea Smith, as a painter, shares her visions of beauty with rare interpretations of love, peace, and joy. With her Enlighten Up Card Deck, melt into her wisdom of living with purpose and growth. During my day, I reach for her deck and choose a teaching. She reminds me to surrender and seek higher ground. Andrea Smith has awakened our souls.”

ISBN:  9781582706733