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Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
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Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile

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Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
Author(s): Margaret Starbird

An in-depth investigation of the facts and mythology surrounding the historical Mary Magdalene

• Reveals new details about the life of the beloved of Jesus

• Illustrated with rare and unusual imagery depicting Mary’s central role in Christianity

• Includes 60-minute CD of author discussing "The Greatest Story Never Told"

• By the author of the bestselling The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

The controversy surrounding Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus has gained widespread international interest since the publication of Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code, which specifically cites Margaret Starbird’s earlier works as a significant source. In Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile Starbird examines the many faces of Mary Magdalene, from the historical woman who walked with Jesus in the villages of Judea to the mythic and symbolic Magdalene who is the archetype of the Sacred Feminine. Starbird reveals exciting new information about the woman who was the most intimate companion of Jesus and offers historical evidence that Mary was Jesus’ forgotten bride.

Expanding on the discussion of medieval art and lore introduced in her bestselling book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, Starbird sifts through the layers of misidentification under which the story of the Lost Bride of Christ has been buried to reveal the slandered woman and the “exiled” feminine principle. She establishes the identity of the historical female disciple who was the favored first witness of the Resurrection and provides an interpretation of Mary’s true role based on prophecy from the Hebrew scriptures and the testimony of the canonical gospels of Christianity. Balancing scholarly research with theological reflection, she takes readers deeper into the story and mythology of how Magdalene as the Bride embodies the soul’s own journey in its eternal quest for reunion with the Divine.

"Margaret Starbird’s work is of particular interest to me because it fuses the diverse fields of symbolism, mythology, art, heraldry, psychology, and gospel history. Her research opens doors for each of us to further explore the rich iconography of our own spiritual history."
“In this book Margaret Starbird continues her crusade to reestablish the holiness of the feminine, which has been so cruelly stolen by ‘orthodox’ Christian leaders over the centuries. By doing so she also helps to reestablish the humanity of Jesus.”
"Controversial and provocative. . . . Starbird puts her distinctive touch on re-examining the legacy of Mary Magdalene and re-claiming the long-exiled Lost Feminine; an insightful journey, a beacon of hope for our time."
"A superbly written and meticulously researched work by a scholar of great integrity. Her insight has once again made a significant contribution to my understanding."
". . . Starbird makes a good case for the spiritually exiled feminine face of the faith. Further, she helps to redefine Jesus' humanity as a man who deeply loved and was loved in return by a woman. A woman who was his beloved and his disciple, even as has been said, a disciple to the other disciples."
"This book is controversial. It will make you think. It is also well researched, and well documented. . . . I found the book, and the CD, well worth my time."
"If you’re still wondering why the Catholic Church will not ordain women, opposes women’s right to control our own bodies, and fears the immense popularity of Wicca and Women’s Spirituality, think back to the Great Magdalene."
". . . highly recommended for feminist collections . . ."
"This book successfully achieves bringing together the areas of mythology, symbolism, heraldry, psychology, legend, and gospel history about Mary Magdalene."
"If you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, and are intrigued by who Mary Magdalene really was, than this is the book for you, as this book takes an in-depth look into the life, theories, and stories surrounding her.

"Starbird not only explores the different theories on Mary, she gives biblical and other evidence to back up or dispute the claims made, instead of just spouting unsubstantiated opinions, as are so often heard regarding this woman from history.

"I found myself really enjoying this book, and had a hard time putting it down. It’s easy to read, and extremely interesting."
"If you, like many, want to know an alternative story of Mary and Jesus from the one supported by the institutional Christian church, skip Dan Brown and read this book."
"Starbird's research into art, history, and Bible studies canonical and extra-canonical is both extensive and thought-provoking."
"If you want to know the truth about Mary Magdalene, this is the book to read."
"Balancing scholarly research with theological reflection, [Starbird] takes readers deeper into the story and mythology of how Magdalene as the Bride embodies the soul’s own journey in its eternal quest for reunion with the Divine."
"Through text, through relation to the scriptures; through a series of beautifully done color photographs from artists such as Peter Paul Reubens, El Greco, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti; and through hearing Starbird's own voice on the accompanying CD, we come to understand who Mary the Magdalene is, and the part she played, and still plays, in the sacred feminine and in the lives of all women."

ISBN:  9781591430544