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All That Drama
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All That Drama

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All That Drama
Author(s): Tina Brooks McKinney

Sammie Davis’s life is constant chaos—which is exactly the life that Marie Morgan wants for herself.

Marie Morgan, a single mother of two, is currently separated from her husband. One day on the way to work, Marie befriends Sammie in an Atlanta subway station. With her short skirts, high heels, and occasional birdcage hairdo, Sammie is everything Marie is not—fearless, brazen, flamboyant, and completely sure of herself. A woman who flaunts her wild unconventionality, Sammie exudes self-confidence and dares to laugh at life.

Marie feels empowered by her new friend, and Sammie is always there whenever Marie feels the urge to be a little wild. But beneath her facade of bravado and sexual abandon, Sammie conceals her own deep pain and a dark history that gradually comes to light.

A powerful novel about the doubts, insecurities, and low self-esteem that can sabotage our most important relationships, All That Drama offers a fresh, witty, and moving look at women's issues, and the sisterhood that can also sustain us through life's toughest times.

"All That Drama delivers dark drama after drama. Down-to-earth prose and dialogue so real and blunt kept me turning the pages, laughing and crying with the characters. Sammie and Marie begin a friendship based on their differences, strengths and bond of being single parents needing male companions. Tina Brooks McKinney's approach to depicting gritty issues of violence, heartbreak, and abuse is fresh and more seasoned than the typical debut author. A waitress in Chicago could not put the galley down one night, and excitedly talked about the characters as if she knew them. As you turn the pages you will understand why McKinney was born to write fiction."
-- Janet "Jaize" Brown, journalist and author of Sing About That Black Rose
"All That Drama is a fast-paced, in-your-face type of read...McKinney writes in a strong, no-holds-barred type of manner that's both witty and hard, yet at the same time emotional and surrounded in reality -- a reality that so many women face in their relationships."
-- Tee C. Royal, founder of RAWSISTAZ.com

ISBN:  9781593090333