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Do Me Twice : My Life After Islam
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Do Me Twice : My Life After Islam

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Do Me Twice
Author(s): Sonsyrea Tate

From the highly acclaimed author of Little X: Growing Up in the Nation of Islam comes a taboo-breaking memoir about a Muslim girl who explores her freedom through the expression of her sensuality and sex, defying the cultural boundaries that denied her a full life.

Do Me Twice is the triumphant life story of the highly intelligent, courageous, and charismatic Sonsyrea Tate as she breaks the cultural and religious molds set in place by her upbringing. A former African American Muslim, Tate has raised awareness for that community by bringing personal and enlightening answers to a curious audience.

Who are African American Muslims? What do they stand for and why? How far-reaching are their lifestyle choices? With the global focus on terrorism and interest in the Islamic state, readers are hungry for answers that aren't influenced by government spin or newscast ratings. They will find those answers here.

Do Me Twice inspires young women while exploring Tate's conscious separation from Islam, her abusive husband, and the prejudices and stereotypes set on her by others' misconceptions.

"Sonsyrea Tate has shared mile marker thoughts along the way to wholeness. In her new provocative book, Tate challenges religion and relationships. She clears the way to revolutionary, radical forgiveness, but most of all, she forces us to rethink ideas we have taken for granted. Her journey may not be yours, her conclusions may not be your own, but her words and thoughts are well worth your deepest contemplation. It is clear that she is not a woman to be ignored!" -- Bishop T.D. Jakes Sr.
"This book is Sonsyrea Tate's triumphant shout testifying to a life filled with grace and courage. It is a testimony for anyone who has to fashion her own life from the legacy of burdens and encouragement handed down by parents, by culture, by religion and by society. In other words, this is a story about becoming fully human and living life out loud -- on your own terms." -- Patrice Gaines, author of Laughing in the Dark

ISBN:  9781593091224