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Restoring Your Eyesight : A Taoist Approach
Healing Arts Press

Restoring Your Eyesight : A Taoist Approach

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Restoring Your Eyesight
Author(s): Doug Marsh

A holistic guide to improving one’s vision both physically and spiritually

• Explains how blurred vision is a reflection of other imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit

• Offers natural methods for improvement of poor eyesight and stress-related difficulties, including dyslexia and ADHD

• Combines the core values of the Bates method of natural vision improvement and Taoism

Fewer than three percent of children in North America are born with visual defects, yet as they become adults nearly two thirds will become reliant on prescription lenses to see clearly. Virtually nonexistent in pre-industrialized cultures, this epidemic of blurred vision can be traced to mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances in modern society. The traditional “quick fixes” of eyeglasses and contact lenses only serve to cover the true cause of blurred vision while increasing eye-strain, and often progressively worsen eyesight as the eyes become trained to work within the confines of the corrective lenses. The advent of refractive surgery carries even more serious risks.

In Restoring Your Eyesight, Doug Marsh offers a natural alternative that shows readers how to improve their eyesight by taking conscious control of their vision health. He combines proven methods pioneered a century ago by eye doctor William Bates with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Taoism. Marsh describes how vision goes deeper than the eyes and optic nerves, extending well into the layers of the mind, emotions, and spirit. Eyesight difficulties are often connected to behavioral and stress-related syndromes, such as dyslexia, ADHD, stuttering, TMJ, and anxiety disorders. He draws upon the core values of the Bates method and Taoism--rhythm, softness, return, balance, and wholeness--to provide guidelines for a holistic healing of outer and inner vision.

“Doug Marsh gives a truly fresh approach to the holistic components that lead to successful improvement of vision. The vital connection between life’s rhythm, the conscious flow of spirit, and the efficient functioning of the visual system is correctly portrayed.”
"Doug Marsh’s obviously deep understanding of the Tao illuminates the most interesting aspects of Dr Bates work. This is one of the best books on Natural Vision Improvement I have read, and I will recommend it to all my vision students!"
“Taoist readers will wonder how they missed applying these principles to their suboptimal eyesight. It's clear from this book that the Bates method is not so terribly isolated and unique, but in tune with an impressive variety of research, both historical and modern."
"Restoring Your Eyesight helps readers better understand how the eyes are strained and affected by aspects of modern urban life, such as sedentary and demanding school systems, strain from long work hours and lack of rest for the constantly bombarded eyes. An excellent and highly recommended read for anyone frustrated with their increasing dependence on corrective lenses or who wishes to take control of their vision health."
"Here's a natural alternative to improving eyesight which blends Taoism with an eye doctor's exercises and insights, discussing reflexes, concentration, and re-training the eye. An intriguing approach for a long-standing problem."
"The weaving of simple, but profound, Taoist understanding with the cruel realities of contemporary scientific folly and the brillilant but neglected work of Bates on how to achieve normal, healthy eyesight defines the character of Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach."

ISBN:  9781594771507